“The New York End Times” is the parody of record

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The Lord Dimwit Flathead isn’t much different from Trump, so that tracks

At first I thought it was just an aggregator for actual news, a bit like boingboing without the fun stuff. Making up your own articles seems redundant at this point.

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I thought it was an old joke about how the world’s newspapers reported the end of the world. I wonder if Fox News would say something like “It’s the end of the world. Sure It is cancel culture’s fault”.

I can imagine variations on the same news from The Washington Post, Rússia Today, Daily Mail, Le Figaro…


New York Times Pitchbot is a pretty good one too



I am a firm believer in shaming and exposing idiocy, but surely there is a way to build relationships with MAGA to help erode the political division. I don’t see this sort of thing helping that.

There are several projects we can work on together:

  1. combatting climate change and resource scarcity through STEM education
  2. building a more sustainable healthcare system
  3. guaranteeing quality of life for children
  4. increasing mental health resources

I think this is already starting to happen as the social media rage wars simmer down among the mainstream.

Laughing at people never works.

These at fascists at this point, so no. It is on the GOP to clean up their house, and it’s on the fascists to fix their broken worldviews. We can put good information out there, but it’s ON THEM to do the work.

Maybe fucking tell those assholes that, first. They are bullies, the way to deal with bullies is to STAND up to them, not to keep fucking coddling them.


I admire your optimisim, but it needs a really, really big dose of reality

  1. combatting climate change and resource scarcity through STEM education

The education that Maga constantly cuts?

  1. building a more sustainable healthcare system

The health care system that MAGA is putting anti-vaxers and transphobes in charge of?

  1. guaranteeing quality of life for children

MAGA has been doing things like cutting funding, book bannings, getting rid of free lunches.

  1. increasing mental health resources

Things that have been cut since Reagan, at least? Why do you think MAGA is going to do squat about that?


Specifically regarding mental healthcare, I have spoken to Republicans who see it as an option to getting guns taken away from them, at least here in Brooklyn. I also have historically seen healthcare resonate with Republicans. STEM is fertile ground because it lifts ALL people in ways that cross virtually every demographic, especially in manufacturing towns long abandoned. Focusing on the harm to children is just something we will all have to trust is an area of general agreement.

Republicans lean towards the authoritative approach, which is their worldview and nothing is going to change that other than good old fashion fear-smashing relationships with those they know little about.

Yes, MAGA might be a little too far gone, but it’s up to the Middle to assert itself and marginalize the truly unhinged. To do that will require some cooperation among Republicans and Democrats.

Have you been paying attention to the news? It absolutely IS NOT an area of agreement.

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Maybe in how to pay for it.

Bullshit. They banned private donations of school lunches

Once again, until the GOP is WILLING to do the work, it’s moot. There are like 2 who seem wiling to do that - and Mittens and Cheney hardly make a dent in the leadership willing to embrace and cater to fascists within their party.

The Democrats can do nothing, except keep pointing that out and keep pushing back against the GOP fascist agenda. In fact, not enough Democrats seem willing to support the people being attack in a measurable way. The few who are gumming up the works in state legislatures that are pushing trans eliminationist bills seem too few and far between.

But no, we do not need to cater to fascists as you suggested in your OP…

surely there is a way to build relationships with MAGA to help erode the political division.

You can not build bridges with fascists, as they will burn that shit down once you’re crossing over. It did not work in Germany in the 30s, it will not work out. All the so-called moderate GOP need to be flatly rejecting MAGA. Again, Germany in the 30 saw the conservatives side with the fascists and that just got us a fascist Germany…

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Competing with The Onion to invent headlines that unironically become true five years later.

I and nearly every other trans person would not go near any MAGA approved mental health “care”. Self medicating with a bottle of moonshine and a handful of opiods every night would be far less harmful.


“Political division.” That’s a hell of a thing to call actively passing laws that are killing people, taking away their rights to healthcare and education, threatens to punish parents for being supportive of their kids, and all that. Oh yeah, I can’t wait to build relationships with the people that want me and others like me dead. That sounds like a fucking great idea. Maybe I’ll get a seat in the comfortable train car when they start sending us to camps.

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Well yeah, but both sides are bad! I mean, trans people want us all to use “correct pronouns”… sure sounds like REAL fascism to me!!! /super extra bitter SSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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Well, don’t forget the part where we insist that we have a right to exist. I mean, that obviously violates their freedoms, right?