Green tea doesn't promote weight loss


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Glad they are doing these new-age-medicine-debunking exercises. Probably water could be associated with weight loss, if I had to guess, as it can help regulate satiety. Otherwise, we already know the answers: get up and move the bod. Do we really think that we can sit in a chair all day and just drink green tea and still eat the same, but lose weight? Hahah, garbage in garbage out.


Well that explains why my little duck is so pudgy.


Not in front of the children!


It promotes weight loss in the sense that if you’re drinking green tea, you’re not simultaneously drinking a grande mocha Frappuccino.


I dunno, man. You ever refill a water cooler? That shit’s heavy.


I don’t buy it. Matcha green tea has multiple benefits, especially to fight cancer/prevent cancer. The small amount of caffeine makes it thermogenic. That it itself would help anyone lose weight. Add to that the fact of drinking more zero calorie fluids fills you up and decreases transit time. It will help you lose weight. Look at Asian countries that consume tea more than anyone…and you will see decreased risk of cancer and obesity.


correlation != causation… Confounding plays huge in these studies. How can you prove that it’s the green tea reducing cancer and obesity? Also, stomach cancers are more prevalent in Asian countries. Green tea, last I checked, goes right into the stomach. So how would you explain that one?


Exercise promotes weight loss.

Most exercise requires one to get out of bed.

Green tea contains caffeine.



[quote=“Chad_David, post:8, topic:69087”]
Matcha green tea has multiple benefits, especially to fight cancer/prevent cancer.


My only regret is that I have but one like to give for your comment. (OK, not only regret, but certainly most proximal in time to the present moment.)


Antioxidants actually protect cancer and makes chemotherapy drugs less effective. If you’re fighting cancer, then green tea is the kind of thing you shouldn’t be drinking.


Thanks. As a someone recently diagnosed with cancer I have zero patience for proponents who claim mystical solutions while people who should know better end up like Steve Jobs.

You want to make an outrageous claim? Bring outrageous proof. Claims like this kill actual people.



That must be quite a thing. (An uncle was diagnosed yesterday and starts chemo tomorrow.) Here’s to good luck, good sleep, and a science-based treatment plan.


Thanks yo. It sucks, but the alternative is worse. Best to your family.


Or soda, for that matter.


Most weight loss and health benefits from switching to healthy food comes not from that food itself but the cessation of consuming the horrible things you ate previously.


I would think that if you drank green tea all the time and only with cuisine of the same origin, you just might experience all the claimed benefits associated with the tea. Which is to say, failure to examine all the behavior of long-living peoples and instead ascribe their longevity to only one factor (tea) is pathological thinking. At the least, it’s just stupid thinking.


It’s business thinking. Entrepreneurs saw that on average Asian people are in better shape than Americans, then decided to pick some food they eat that’s easy to mass produce (ie green tea). Then they sell green tea to Americans claiming amazing health benefits, fund a few dozen underpowered studies with stupid small n values like 12 or 20 participants, and cherry pick the 1 or 2 studies that show weight loss.


It’s only pathological thinking if you consider science something good and useful and an end in itself. But to entrepreneurs trading on the insecurities of dumb people, then science is just a cheap whore.