Greeting cards Silicon Valley geeks will surely appreciate

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I always feel like I’d fit in well w/ the clever crowd in the valley - but every time I’m around those crowds now, I feel like I don’t fit in with my original kith and kin techies anymore (I have lived in NY and been working as a liar…I mean lawyer…for 10 years…but I still can code and PUBG…) I find their social mannerisms awkward. I guess you can’t ever go home again.


Are the cards supposed to be sad? They seem sad to me.


Blank inside?


Like their buyers.


Grrrrr. Sad and frustrating. If your commute is like that, then do something different. It takes me that long to bike the ten miles to work. It’s not like you have to deal with rain that often here in Silicon Valley either.

But really, the cards are just boringly cliche. Maybe I’m just old and jaded by this place and its problems, but there’s no real insight to make any of the cards that fun or funny.


People are really hookin’ up at Frys? Which one, the one in Campbell? Sunnyvale? North San Jose? In any event, that’s kinda gross.

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There was a time that I’d be more likely to run into someone I knew at Fry’s than at a local bar. It was usually kind of shameful.

Also, Campbell Fry’s 4 life.

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