Gremlins Christmas sweater


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Because nothing says “I’m over 50” like a Gremlins sweater.


Don’t wear it after midnight.

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I know a 43-year-old who would love this sweater. I don’t think he’d wear it, though.

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I’m 33 and I’d totally wear it, and not ironically, but because I find it hilarious and I am a sucker for goofy nostalgia. However, $85 is rather steep so I’ll pass.

god damn, work has an “awful 80s outfit OR bad holiday sweater” competition in november, and I could totally win both categories if this shipped now.

NB: the aforementioned is 100% true.


Add some acid wash jeans and a slap bracelet and some neon high-tops :smiley:


If I wear it, can I eat after midnight?

(dating myself)

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Yes, but no crumbles on the fabric. Also, it is not light-fast and is dry-clean only.

(My social life also sucks.)

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Or 40.

Do you even stay up that late, old man? :stuck_out_tongue:

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