Grilling mats are great for grilling cut vegetables

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I’ve used them and they are great for veggies as well as for fish. Not so good for meats as the meat tends to just sit there and simmer in their own fat/juice and you get more of a “boiled” chop or steak. After grilling the meat, they are a pain to clean.

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Or you could just use foil.

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Cool. I prefer a grilling basket, as it makes handling the placement and removal easier for me.

The handle folds over so you can close the grill top. Just don’t forget to wear your silicone oven mitt when you pick it up!


The zucchini and asparagus in the picture have grill lines, though. It’s almost as if they don’t really use their own product.


If you really want these, the black ones are only $9.99, instead of the ‘gold’ at $12.99.

and look, they’re FDA-Approved so no need to worry about synthetic estrogens transferring to your food.


I actually keep the veggies in large or full size cuts. Essentially cut the veggies large and treat them like a steak. Any squash or root veg works well this way. Carrots are harder. Works awesome for pepppers and eggplant and lettuces.

I take the same approach to tofu. Large pieces and treat like a steak.

Ok. Brb. Going to go grill some romaine and tofu to have a grilled Cesar salad!!!


I’ve been using these a lot recently and have been wondering just how long it will take for someone to say these will release some chemical that will eventually kill me in some horrible way.
Not that I have the energy to care, as everything else is out there to kill me so it will have to get in line. :stuck_out_tongue:


your logic escapes me

That is fair.

I will adopt new tech.

Science (or interest groups) will invariably say new tech will cause harm.

I will still use new tech until new convenience comes along because I’m more likely to die from some other random occurrence. shrug


Ah! Sandworm!

Funny they show grill marks on the food. But reading the listing it says “…SMAID grill mat is thin enough to leave grill marks and flavor intact.” So cool! I do a lot of grilling and this is neat.

Or just grill vegetables like a non-idiot would. The lede photos shows large discs of squash or whatever, and asparagus. Asparagus! Just put it perpendicular to the grates, ya dumdum! Need to grill little things? Make 'em into a big thing with a skewer. There’s a reason pro chefs don’t use stupid gimmicks like this. It’s because they’re a stupid waste of money. Source: retired chef.


But if it weren’t for idiots, we wouldn’t have the Slanket™ !

This looks good if you can also cook over an open flame/fire/coals.

But I already have a skillet (and foil as someone said ^^ ) so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Having gone from boiled asparagus growing up to the steamed variety, then sautéed, broiled, and finally grilled, the last is by far my favorite. Toss with olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes beforehand. Grill 4-8 minutes depending on how thick they are. Flip and/or roll occasionally so you get nice grill marks and crispy stems. Preferably eat with your hands.

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I prefer this sort of grill basket:

Makes for easier handling. And the food gets exposed to more direct heat. The other kind can basically function like a crap skillet, causing the food to steam, if the holes are big enough or there aren’t enough of them.

I own what looks to be the same grill basket Eppy has pictured, and it’s really quite wonderful. We like grilled veggies as a side dish and this product does a fine job. The surface seems to be nonstick, but I always hit it with a quick shot of canola spray before putting the veggies in. It also can be used to produce a terrific spicy grilled shrimp.

Do be sure to use a silicone oven mitt or thick cloth pot holder, as Eppy recommends, as I have mistakenly grabbed the pan handle a couple of times and doing so will burn your hand badly.

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Yanks. May your grilling and beer-drinking experience be a fortuitous one.

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