Grilling mats are great for barbecuing cut vegetables

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the asparagus being placed parallel to the grates made me almost punch my display. “How can you possibly grill asparagus on a grill!!?!?! they just fall throught ERR MEER GERRD!!” rotates 90degrees


I simply line my grill with a couple of commercial grade cooling racks—which have a tight grid pattern that deters smaller items such as cut veggies from falling through while still allowing all the smoke and flames to go up. I’ve used the same two racks for between 5 and 10 years now, but I’ll need to replace them soon.


Indirect heat for grilling veggies? HARD PASS


We use a grilling basket. One thing is to not put a lot of oil on the vegetables that could burn and give the vegetables an unpleasant flavor.


This isn’t bbq. It is grilling. Grilling is fast cooking over high heat. BBQ is slow cooking over low heat.

It is, if you will, the difference between saute and braise. Both make for tasty food, but they are different methods.

And no, I am not going to close the pedantic tag because when does being pedantic ever actually stop?


The best thing about grilling mats is what happens when you put them on the racks of your oven.

Haven’t had to clean casserole overflow off the bottom of the oven, or the racks, in over a year now.


What I wonder about is…
how did the veggies get the grille marks when they are on that mat?


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