Grill mats are excellent for cooking vegetables on an outdoor grill

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What sort of chemical discharge comes out of these mats and transfers to the food?


agreed…I am not fond of cooking tools like this.

I use a simple grilling basket or skewers when appropriate


Unless you grew the veggies in your own backyard organically, does it make much difference? I’m not discounting your opinion, but the world is now full of chemicals and its almost impossible to be chem-free.

I prefer carcinogenic smoke touching my food because of flavor /nosarcasm


Yeah, I like the flame seared black and brown bits on my veggies. I have no idea why but they seem to make a tastier veggie.


That would be the Maillard Reaction and caramelization.


Is there a blueberry and a hotdog in that picture? What is going on here?

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Not sure about the berry, but the hot dog is fine. They are cooked already so this would be an easy way to heat it up without burning it on a direct grill.

It’s like a mix for a dish you almost want to try out of curiosity but would probably skip over if you read it on a menu.

Sure, but you can still make choices.

One word: Röststoffe.

I have now officially re-classified hotdogs as vegetables.
You’re welcome.

Yep I use a basket, has the added benifit of getting a little char on the vegs and more smoke.

Am I like the only person that…uh…puts…uh…veggies straight on the grill?


I put mine in a frying pan on top of the grill.

These mats are PTFE coated fibre glass. PTFE is fine below 260°C but around 360°C decomposes into nasty stuff like Perfluoroisobutene and Carbonyl fluoride, both chemical warfare agents. I would not use it in an outdoor grill near hot coals where the temperatures can be very high.


Doesn’t this also negates one of the benefits of grilling food?
That the water simply goes away and does not interfere with food browning?

Steam the veggies and garnish with fermented black garlic soy sauce for a wonderful burst of the umami you’d otherwise get from “caramelization.” Yum!!!

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