Griping about moderation, bias, et cetera

It’s not acceptable in Canada either. Maybe the world is more diverse than you think it is.


And to be fair, it’s been considered a nasty word since at least the 1300s, in English. Though in the Canterbury Tales it’s used commonly and in a bawdy way that suggests it might not have been quite as taboo in that period. Among others, the Wife of Bath uses is casually.

[Sorry, stupid academic diversion. It’s a nasty word and should never be used in this BBS, regardless of where you’re from. It’s awful.]


Maybe just don’t use slurs?


it’s happy hour. i’m schlurring mah speesh ri now!


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I don’t think the joke you’re trying to make is as funny as you think it is. You’ve got to raise your game on this forum.


In the words of those “most interesting man” ads: “I don’t always slur, but when I do, I still somehow avoid using offensive misogynistic terms.”




I have just had a post moderated about Rishi Sunak making Rangoli and lighting Diyas.
Just as he famously did when Chancellor outside No. 11, to celebrate Diwali – (which is being celebrated today).

I wonder which guideline I contravened?

Why is that the most important thing about this announcement? If he were a Woman would you be speculating in the colour of dress worn?

Institutional racism and misogyny are propagated with these sorts of call-outs that are only made when the subject is a minority, especially when it’s the entirety of the reply. Let’s do better than that.


Because it is Diwali and that is the custom, and it is something he has done in the past in Downing Street?
There is no institutional racism in an apparently devout Hindu man continuing this custom – it is not a call-out.

You may not have intended your reply as a stereotypifying call out, but that’s the effect, especially since, again, it’s the entirety of the reply.

What matters is the effects of our words and actions, not our intentions.

I think orenwolf’s gendered analogy is a good one, and I can easily imagine others in terms of race, but I don’t imagine that’s necessary.


Fair enough. I thought it would be a wonderful thing if the first Hindu PM were to celebrate Diwali in a traditional manner.

It is. There are just better ways to frame it and express that opinion. Something like: “One small silver lining in all this is that Sunak might be the first PM to bring Diwali customs into 10 Downing St.” I feel this way, as I’m sure @orenwolf and many others here do. I myself would also add “The bigots in the Tory rank-and-file won’t agree, but I think it would be great”, but that’s just optional.

Just focusing on his ethnicity or religion as a thing in and of itself doesn’t really add much to the discussion.


That might make sense as a separate topic. In the main topic, though, it’s a distraction.


Here’s a Guardian article that makes exactly all those points, but within a larger frame of reference:

Putting his specifics in a larger context is how you can mention the specifics without making others wonder why that’s what you’re focusing on.


This is a cute story, but I’ll admit that I’m always bothered when I see TikTok content posted to BoingBoing.

Y’all know better than to support that surveillance infrastructure as it continues to erode privacy.
You’re part of the problem by taking actions that normalize it.
Please stop. It makes me sad to see, and it forces me to wonder if BoingBoing has drifted away from positions that it used to hold dear on this topic. :-\


At least it’s not Facebook content. :: Shudders::


Hey @Carla_Sinclair and @markfrauenfelder maybe consider ^^^ ?

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We don’t have an open thread for site interface issues anymore?

Guess that counts as a gripe.

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What happened to the private messages tab?