Griping about moderation, bias, et cetera

Thanks, that’s what I have been trying to get across this whole time.

(The ability to archive old messages is also gone.)

Your efforts and hard work are appreciated.


I am also not seeing messages anywhere on Chrome for Android or Windows 10. Could you try sending me a test message if you have a moment? I want to see if it goes through, and receiving a message might do the trick.

ETA: Nevermind. I have messages now on both systems. Well done!


Can you try again? Is it there now?

@orenwolf it looks like you disabled PMs for system user. This has an unfortunate side effect that it disables PMs for non staff users (which is clearly not what you intended, since PMs are enabled on BBS for TL1 and up)

I just enabled it again and am tracking internally if there is a clearer way for us to control this.



Yep; it’s there now.



Just made another tweak for you and all other regulars I enabled the new nav in user profiles.

enable new user profile nav groups

cc @orenwolf

Can you let me know what you think about the new visuals and the way it is more coherent with sidebar @Melizmatic (you will need to reload, then look at your PMs) → nav moved up

Sorry for more cheese moving but the nav on the side needs to move up for sidebar.


Worth noting, one advantage of sidebar, especially for the more regulars is that you can get notified a bit more easily on new topics and unread posts in various sections of the site.

So for example if you are browsing and replying to this topic and a new #boing topic pops up, you will see the count go up live here.

Additionally, easy access to ongoing draft in a more obvious way.

Also updates live.


Most appreciated.

I can adjust to the new vertical setup as long as all the previous features are still available.

Thanks again.


I would like to revise this statement.

BBS has changed a lot over the years and structure is definitely something that has improved a lot:

This is a sidebar with a bunch of tags and categories configured (you can do so yourself)

I think it is certainly a compelling story.

Music fans can have music easy to reach, people that love discussing facism can have it easier to reach and so on.

The sidebar here is not bare at all.


I would love to never talk about it again but as long as it’s there it seems kind of important to call it out

This very site has been infiltrated by those motherfuckers more than once


One of the first books I read on UX was titled Don’t Make Me Think, and I have taken that mantra to heart. The other mantra is “nobody wants to use your site/app, they came looking for info and not to admire your design”.

I get that all changes are hard, but if you are making changes like this maybe Discourse needs some sort of alert banner for announcing major changes?

Oh, and for some reason the notifications under my user name suddenly showed a lot of ancient notifications that should have been marked as read a long time ago, when I clicked “mark all as read”. A minor glitch, not really worth opening a ticket over, but one worth letting the dev team know about.

That said, I note one useful feature on Feedly is the ability to mark all as read, or just all older than a day or older than a week. Worth considering on Discourse, I feel.


@sam I see this has been fixed. Thank you.

Before the Great Sidebar Massacre, new notifications showed up beside my avatar in the upper right corner, blue for replies, likes, etc. and green for PMs. Now there is just a blue dot. Since the type of notification had a bearing on how quickly I responded, can you restore the colour coding?

Better yet would be to separate the notifications, with pull-down lists beside the avatar on the top bar, one for PMs and one for BBS notifications, so they don’t get mixed together in a single list.

Personally, as an old and hidebound user, but one who may not use all the features of Discourse, I don’t see that the sidebar offers much that I can’t do already. Is there a way to set the default to off when we log in?


Nick Offerman Giggles GIF


Seconding this. When one of my replies to a moderated comment is is deleted or when I receive a moderation DM I like it to stand out from other notifications so I can address it quickly (especially given the already short window to edit a hidden post)

It would be more compelling still if there was some way the community could tag the FPPs. The BB Authors’ tagging can be whimsical and clever but it’s also … uneven when it comes to utilisation in features like this.



Super tedious on iOS btw.


I think we’ve had this debate before.


What I’d like to know is if we will still be seeing [OBJ]?



Is this simply asking mods here to relax the trust level allowed for tag creating / editing (this is configurable already on Discourse)

Or is this asking for some new Discourse feature? (private tags → allow me to tag stuff with my only private tags I only see, shared tags → allow me to share a private tag with other specific users)


Some confusion on my part: I thought the Discourse tags were somehow linked (perhaps via a plugin) to the Author tags on the front page posts (FPPs) on the main (WordPress?) Boing Boing site.

I see now that you’re referring to the tags placed on user-created Discourse Topics by users (Topic creators?) with the TL privilege to do so. I really haven’t used that functionality much for reference and never have when creating a Topic. It seems underutilised in general – especially by the Authors in the boing Topics linked to their FPPs.* I’ll look it up in the Discourse docs to figure out how it ticks before commenting further. Thanks for your response.

[* One exception seems to be a tag called “noads” used by the publisher in his boing Topics]