Group spreads "Random Acts of Crochet Kindness"

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I love this! Amigurumi are really fun to make, and this is a great thing to do with them.


Weird and creative and positive, what’s not to love?


Back during one of the lockdowns someone left a big box of crocheted dolls with a “take one” sign near the market in the city in which I live. My daughter asked if she could take one, and picked this really busily-patterned doll. She still has it. It made her so happy at the time, and has become part of the stuffed animal rotation.


When I saw a YouTube channel named Love Crafts I expected something very different.

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I might have shared this before, but here we have “Knitting Nana”, who leaves crotchet presents on the park benches around my local dog-walk. Little penguins, baby booties and hats and more. There is an Old-Folks home at the top of the hill on this particular walk, which is where I believe she lives.
I’ve never met the ol’ gal. I would like to, though. She’s smashing, and a bit of a local legend.

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