“Growing Chains”: Prison Agriculture and Capitalism

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JFC. Just reading this, without reading the article, makes my blood pressure rise and I don’t even live in the US. What can be done, realistically, to change this?


Wow, those are terrific websites. I don’t get what the Prison Agriculture Lab is about though I have gotten the general idea that the farms are mostly captive rather than nah, this is the only reason the harvest comes in now nationwide. Maybe not? Maybe if you can dig up the wrenches of who profits you should get to keep some?

It would take an amendment to the constitution, ending for-profit prisons, and stronger protections for incarcerated workers. A system that is self-supporting yet also provides fair compensation would assist incarcerated people in paying for necessities and restitution (in cases where that is required). That undermines the current method of forcing them (and sometimes their families) into debt.


The way that prisons add population weight to rural districts, to counterbalance the urban liberal vote, without the pesky detail of letting them vote, reminds me of something, or perhaps three-fifths of something.


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