Privatized, for-profit immigration detention centers force detainees to work for $1-3/day

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A good reminder that slavery was never outlawed in the US. We are a slave-holding state, and always have been,


These detention centers are just getting in on the good times the corporate farms have been enjoying for decades.


But but, free market, private business can do it better, CAPITALISM!!

disgusting on so many levels that the ‘Beacon of Democracy’ doesn’t seem to actually be free in any way if you don’t have the money.


The Nazis did it too, it’s totally cool!


Americans look the other way while US Prisons get away with illegal conditions because the prisoners have been convicted of crime, but these are not even criminals, this is horrific.
It will be interesting to watch this lawsuit - the might of big money against the plain law of the land.



Ah good point.

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This is really sick…

We need to abolish the entire prison industrial complex. Prisons and Detention Centers should never be for profit. That is the reason the USA has the highest incarceration rate per capita of any country in the world AND the most prisoners of any country in the world. Cheap slave labor and fat government contracts, is why the Prison Industrial Complex has such a strong lobby on capital hill and keeps driving these already ridiculous numbers even higher.

[quote]Not only is the U.S. among the leading countries worldwide in incarcerations per 100 thousand of population, but it was also home to the largest total number of prisoners in 2014.

Roughly 2.2 million people were incarcerated in the United States in 2014. China’s estimated prison population totaled to 1.7 million people that year. Other nations with population sizes comparable to the United States have far fewer prisoners.

The majority of U.S. prisoners in federal correctional facilities were of black or African-American origin. As of 2011, there were about half a million male and about 26 thousand female black, non-Hispanic prisoners. They made up 40 percent of all incarcerated persons in the U.S, but accounted for only 13 percent of the total U.S. population. (1)[/quote]

Militarized Police. Highest Incarceration Rate. Highest total number of prisoners. Land of the free my ass. More like land of the corporate barons and enslaved lower classes.

Also worth noting that the country with the second highest incarceration rate, has 1/3 the rate of the USA, so we are leading by a HUGE unacceptable margin.


Just went to check why that quote said “the U.S. among the leading countries…” rather than “is the leading country…”

For anyone else wondering, the Seychelles is in the number one slot and the US is number two.


That #2 country is Russia. We’re arguably less free than Russia because of what economists like to jokingly call a perverse incentive. Except it isn’t a joke and is plainly perverse without need for qualification.

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Very few studies count Seychelles, because the statistics for that island nation is greatly skewed by external/internal factors.

Seychelles isn’t incarcerating more of its own people then the USA, it is a small group of islands that also houses two British prisons, both of which incarcerate people of other nationalities, one of which specifically incarcerates only Somali pirates. There are only 707 people incarcerated in total in that country, including both British facilities. The population is only 86k TOTAL.

Before the international British prisons, Seychelles was 143th out of the 168 countries ranked, so yeah, with such a small population base it is easy to skew the statistics with even a single external facility. This doesn’t mean that Seychelles incarcerates more of its own people though, it just hosts 2 small international prisons and has a scant population to start with. Not at all comparable to the USA. It is a statistical outlier for an entirely different reason.

Does that make sense? Hope that helps.


Political refusal to recognize civil rights + discrimination by race + indefinite detention + forced labor + hyper-nationalism + dehumanization = fascist concentration camp.

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But when we do it it’s cute!

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It’s heartbreaking.

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