Grumpy cat wants a gnu Internet



Techies, Is the current Internet still heavily BSD? I seem to recall that most tcp/ip stacks were based on BSD.

The GNU internet, will be very similar to the current one, in that it will be full of kitties.


That rocks.

Here it is, perspective-corrected and cropped, 2200x1560:

Also, a copy of this banner was given to Laura Poitras. Laura received a Pioneer Award this evening from EFF, along with her colleague Glenn Greenwald, for their pioneering work covering NSA spying. As Laura spoke to the audience via Google Chat, you could see the banner in the background, decorating her living room.

Isn’t this just one of the German Pirate Party’s campaigning posters for the federal election this Sunday? I think I’ve seen it in Berlin-Pankow.

No, the original has another text.
And it is used only in Pankow (at the start at loeast, as pirates are, several other regions have “stolen” it.) Speaking of stolen, that poster is often stolen as you can read (german) on the linked site.

Another funny poster is this

with text “One Wombat in every house” - “unrealistic promises? We can do that, too”.
There is even a follow up with a man and a wombat and “promise kept, first wombat delivered”.

:D:D Thanks for the links! I really miss the Pirate Party’s posters when cycling through the western part of Berlin…especially Zehlendorf and Wilmersdorf. I should have bought some posters earlier to cheer up those poor pirates-deprived neighbourhoods a little…

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