Guest caught using secret Disney app to skip the line



The iPad is peanuts and is a disposable asset. At least that’s what [RedactedCo] uses theirs for with the various apps we have that run on them.

What surprises me is that Disney doesn’t have mobile device management (MDM) installed for those devices, or was not aware that it was stolen- In my mind, the first thing that should happen when such a device is stolen is that a remote wipe command is sent to it to nuke whatever was on the device and render it unusable to whoever ended up with it.

If Disney reallly wanted to be litigious about it: Possession of stolen property, Improper use of computer resources, Unauthorized access to computer resources, impersonating a company employee with intent to defraud, and probably a few other things. I suspect they’ll settle for a lifetime ban and making sure that a repeat doesn’t happen with the devices.

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I wonder if anyone reverse engineered the app before the iPad was confiscated?

Was it a Disney iPad, or just an iPad with the Disney app loaded? (Presumably they’d need a stolen employee user/password with the right permissions as well.)

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