Guest caught using secret Disney app to skip the line

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You asked for miracles, Theo? I give you the F…B…I.


I wonder if anyone has ever attempted something similar with a counterfeit VIP Tour Guide uniform to help a group skip the lines:

I always thought that it’s cool that they carry riding crops, and wonder in what circumstances they’re allowed to use them.


Cory Doctorow has a great series of articles/podcasts on queueing at the Disney parks and where things are going in that regard. He mentions this VIP system, which is a way for wealthy people who can drop $10k+ to skip every line.


Disney fraud folks quickly caught up with this unauthorized user and even called in the Sheriff.

did all the costumed ‘hosts’ turn slowly turn toward the target, white gloved finger pointing, their character mouths fall open agape and a horrific concerted scream? otherwise i demand my money back.

(is “Disney fraud folks” (or DFF) an actual job title?)


“…and then they lead daddy away in handcuffs and I had to leave Disneyland. And we couldn’t go anywhere or his ankle would beep. And that’s how I spent my summer vacation.”


I knew people were mad about the changes to Fastpass and the new Genie but a 5 part podcast series is pure awesome.


It’s not that kind of park.




If they did have an invite-only underground club for such things, I bet it would be unbelievably weird.


Did they de-rez him?


It looks like a minimum $3k (not including park admission) for a group of up to 10 people. $425/hr * 7 hr minimum.

I’m surprised it’s not a “call us for pricing information” situation.


It would suck to go away for 10 years on a computer felony (line-cutting), while your cellie is in there for aggravated assault (people-cutting) and gets out before you do.

But that stolen property is an app which makes unauthorized access to Disney’s server. If you shoot someone with a stolen gun, they dont just charge you for possession of stolen property.


The person should have sold the iPad to Chinese hackers or on the Dark Web for $1 billion dollars


My daughter and her husband are Disney nut jobs, she’s 36 and he’s 40. They know all the tricks and insider secrets.

Why do you need a secret decoder ring to go to Disney?

Before covid they were planning a family vacation to Disney, I said we’d go but I was taking the RV and please do not schedule every second of every day. But dad, you need to have a plan to have fun. Sleeping in in my RV is fun. We’ll go but I refuse to have a plan or read any blogs on how to have fun.

Hey Disney, get over yourself with your investigations into cutting in line crimes. How about just have a line and treat all customers the same.


But if you don’t have a plan you’re having fun wrong!


These type of people frankly made my one and only plan to go to Disney self destruct before we left because I just wasn’t going to do a vacation that felt like work. In the long run, of my friend group, about four of us ten dropped plans to go after hearing everything, and the other six basically caused such a horrible experience there are grudges still held.


They go with the hats that are styled to look like old fashioned riding helmets, but they are not actually rigid.

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I guess, the difference is, it’s my kid and our relationship is such that she knows how I roll. But, I would definitely let her plan a special family dinner at one of the fancy restaurants where I would pick up the tab. And maybe breakfast with a Princess but that’s it.

I rarely take vacations with anyone other than my wife for the reasons you mentioned. We were invited on a Alaskan cruise once. I ain’t spending 15 grand to vacation on a boat with family.


that outfit looks off… ive never seen them wearing hats in recent years, (i know they did in the 60s) let alone riding crops. Im gonna take a wild guess that that image is cosplay…? (but maybe they do sometimes. what do i know!)

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