Guinea pigs devour Brussels sprouts


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And so do I.


Squeak like a guinea pig, boy.


I like Brussels sprouts when they are roasted. But better yet, on pizza and I’m going to do my best tonite, as a matter of fact. The oven is heating now. For a frame of reference, this was taken at Motorino in the East Village, NYC:


I wouldn’t want to light a match in there for the next few hours.


Pigs is Pigs.


It looks to me like the sprouts won.


As a proud owner of two guinea pigs I must chime in to correct your reporting. That is not “squeaking.” It is known as “wheeking.” ( It is a form of excitement/begging that happens around dinner time.

Interestingly, if all guinea pig references are to be believed, it is only made by pet guinea pigs towards humans. They do not make the sound in the wild, at least not in the same way and to mean the same thing.

If your guinea pigs squeaks, you hurt it.


yum…guinea pig brussels sprout pizza!
now that’s something to wheek for.

thanks to @beschizza for posting the recipe er…video.


I decided bacon tastes better than guinea pigs. With mushrooms. And it’s a rectangle as our pizza stone is actually a Lodge griddle.


looks delicious!


I have corrected the post. I regret the error.


Wow that noise brought back memories of the guinea pigs we occasionally had when I was a lad. Definitely a contented guinea pig noise.


i love how they are happily, er, wheeking at the beginning, and then suddenly it’s quiet for a while as they all chew for a bit. i also like the one who keeps running up, taking one, and then scurrying back to far right corner. he’s like daffy duck: “…i’m a happy miser…!”


Guinea pigs devour Brussels sprouts

It’s a tough job and I’m glad that someone else is doing it.
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you’ll be forgiven as soon as the safe is open


I ate one once. I probably wouldn’t again. Note, the ones they serve for food are raised as food and are bigger than the type you’d tend to have as a pet.


Video caption says "Funny Guinea Pigs Eat Brussels Sprouts"
Somewhat demeaning to guinea pigs, calling them ‘funny’ … and these look pretty darn serious about it if you ask me!


So much more delightful than the guinea pigs from Batman.