Gummi sausages

Another bit of unidentified net-weird: sausage meat mixed with gummi bears. Shooped? Real? Only the shadow knows. READ THE REST


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It’s a funny old world.


It only takes a Google search of the name of the product to reveal the source.

I have had these, my brother brought them over and we grilled 'em up. They’re not bad. Although my brother did say that they aren’t at all tasty the next day as leftovers. A bit too…gummy.
Grundhofer’s does more weird flavors like grape kool-aid (haven’t tried) and less weird ones like Bacon Blue Cheese, which was dang tasty.

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These would go great with Skittlebrau.


Well, gee, it might not be so bad. I imagine the gummi would melt when cooked into a sweet, sour fruity jelly. On the other hand, I’m so hungry right now I’d eat a roasted rat.

OK ok ok looks weird but might be good for your teeth, at least according to this study my dentist seems to have sent round in possible comedic error:

It’s the xylitol, apparently. I’m not biting though.

While I’m not a gummi fan I do enjoy sweet things on my sausage, maple syrup or jam/jelly. So I’d imagine it’d be a little similar to that. However, given that I pan fry my sausage I’d wonder if the gummi wouldn’t burn…

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Of course, it’s not a REAL gummi-bear brat unless it’s a Haribo Gold Bear brat.

Yes, I admit it. I’m a gummi purist. I wonder if Happy Colas would taste good in a brat.


This isn’t a far stretch. Gelatin, the main ingredient in gummy bears is made from animal bones and tissues.

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My thought exactly. Gummis are already practically meat anyway.

Not sure I’d substitute these over mint jelly (one foodstuff from across the pond I absolutely adore), but I’d definitely give this a try!

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The year I stopped going to Wurstfest in Hermann, Missouri was the year they got gummy brats.

Seeing as I love apples and cherries in sausage, I can see how this could be good. But then, I think I’d rather have apples or cherries instead of weird day-glo candies. :smile:

As a novelty food, I’d try it in a heartbeat. As a regular foodstuff? Not so much.

And as an aside: if you are a fan of encased meats, and are ever in Hermann at the end of March, go to Wurstfest. So…much…sausage.

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