Five pounds of Haribo gummy bears


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These aren’t the ones that give you a massive case of the shits, are they?


Mmmm sweetened with suffering!


That’s the sugar free kind.


So I see:


They don’t get stale, but they do get hard if left out for a day. I prefer Haribo’s Tropi-Frutti, but only when I can’t get Katjes.


One of their factories is a 30 min drive away.
And it has a shop.


With these mixed messages coming from BB on gummy bears, I’m just not sure how to feel about them.


Just FYI gummy bears are neither halal nor kosher - the gelatin is sourced from cattle bones and pig skin.


Do yourself a favor and upgrade to the 6lb bag of Black Forest Gummy Bears (or even just try them with a small bag). They’ve changed the way I look at gummy candy.


Five pound bag! Welcome to the post Marijuana legalization world!


Aren’t Haribo gummies the ones made by slave labor?

You’re on a roll today, Weisberger.


And the Haribo sugar free gummy bear challenge pre-dates the tide pod challenge by several years.


Oh, man. For some reason black forest worms make me weak in the knees. They don’t even need to be a huge bag.


Step it up man! :grinning:



No, these are the ones (allegedly) made using slave labor!

Though the ones that you refer to are also probably made with questionable labor practices.


I was gonna say, I’m pretty sure it was on Boing Boing where I learned how awful Haribo is to the people who help make their gummy bears!


You can’t fool me, I’ve seen a gummy bear, my daughter got one from her prom date her sophomore year.   Just one weighs five pounds.


My bag only came with one.


Ah, but that’s how they are especially delicious! Like wine, gummy bears need to “breathe”…