Why sugar-free Gummy bears give you the runs


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Well, one more reason to avoid sugar free gummy bears.

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It isn’t just Gummi bears. Look at the ingredients of any sweet labeled “sugar free”. In many cases you’ll see maltitol and a warning that too much consumption can lead to “the runs”.


I thought mannitol was generally more popular.

In any case, this is the first I can recall hearing about “sugar-free” sweets causing such an extreme reaction. It makes the tales of olestra sound pleasant in comparison.

From accounts of people`s experience with the demon bears, sugarless gummy bears seem to be especially potent inducers of the back way spray…

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But how many grams of bears would it take to ingest 40 g of lycasin? I’m guessing more than a handful.

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“I bought one order for the Westboro Baptist Church as a donation,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “Because we all know how much God hates irregularity.”


All this sugar free stuff seems to do this to me. I can’t stand any of it.


Uuuugh maltitol. My first- and last- brush with it was one nasty experience. I was working in a health food and supplements store at the time and the staff often ate expired protein bars as a lunch (since they were cheap and we received a pathetic salary).

One time, the discounted box in the back store happened to be ultra low carb bars, loaded with maltitol. For the next 3 days, I had severe runs… it got to the point where it was mostly clear water (TMI I know). I was just drinking pints of water and eating bread and bananas, desperately trying to get back to normal. I thought it didn’t behave like the flu or a virus because I didn’t have a fever or other symptoms but I did not realize what had happened until I spoke to a co-worker. He mentioned he had had a similar incident with carb-free jam.

Nasty, vile stuff.

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I bet you lost some weight, though! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. Not that I wanted to. At the time, I rather needed to gain weight.

Another product, but it probably still applies. “Poop the rainbow”.

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