Ballsy design for gummy cherries


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I miss middle school too.


Fairly standard design.


Mmmmm, cheesy.


Do they have cherry-banana or just cherry?


Ugh. Black Forest.


Yeah, the whole twin cherry concept kind of has that effect no matter how you tweak the details. :cherries:

Now I want some Haribos.


Can they be sold with Chocolate Salty Balls?


I saw that pun and pegged this for a @beschizza post. :grin: Well done.


File under “What Were They Thinking”.


I went to look at the chocolate which led me to one of their retailers which led me to this. My day is already complete.


wow, pop one of these in your mouth!


Yep, the sack lost all appeal for me, too, once I saw the huge black forest along its top.


Schweddy Gummy Balls?


Good to see that these are organic. There’s a vas deferens in taste between organic and non-organic gummi cherries.


Indeed… for one’s yarbles.


But at first glans, they look the same.


Just looking at the picture first, I assumed these were, in fact, some kind of novelty testes-themed candy. There’s the whole “wrinkled scrotum” effect going on with the design, after all…


You both should be sacked for that.


Urethra a fan of genitalia puns or you’re not.