Gun Instructor Fires Bullet Into Neighbor's Home

Something something responsible gun owners.


Well, the “don’ts” are usually part of any instruction course, so…

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Police determined that the bullet had traveled from an area near Keyser’s gun safe, struck the left arm of a “Halloween mannequin” in the garage, passed through his garage wall and then sailed across the street into the Johnson home.

Dude, this was so totally a righteous shoot. The Halloween mannequin was reaching for something in its waistband and Keyser felt threatened so he winged it. It wasn’t even a center mass shot!

Shoddy building practices and probably Chinese materials are the real culprits here. If Keyser’s house had been made of genuine American materials, the bullet would never have gotten through the wall. This is why it’s so important to make America great again and dig lots of coal. If we don’t, more 12-year olds will die completely preventable deaths.

Psshh. Libs.

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