Gunman kills 50 in Florida gay nightclub


A reminder that the same GOP who tried to paint muslims with the same brush where reluctant to speak out against this guy who called for the death of homosexuals at a big GOP event (which said guy hosted) that several presidential nominees (and now Trump backers) attended

Watch them still won’t speak out against him even after last night’s tragedy ( ).


The real healing isn’t just the people in the hospital…it is us, all of us in this mad world of festering hate. Those who profit from that hate need to be constantly pointed out, called out, and stopped. Trump, NRA, hate based religions of any denomination. We’re sick of you people who spread your disease of hate. History shows us very well where this is heading unless the hate mongers are stopped. I’m no longer scared, I’m resigned to what we’re facing. I’m searching for appropriate responses. Religions, being the historical well-spring of hate, must face up to their responsibility and start healing from inside out. Trump and his minions need to be faced down and laughed into impotency, then they can decide to rejoin humanity or remain jackals. The NRA should be sued out of existence… I’m so sick of this shit.


Oh, sorry, I read “assault rifle” assumed it was an automatic weapon. If it was just a normal, semi-automatic weapon of the sort sold for hunting and home defence, that’s fine.


So glad you joined BoingBoing an hour ago to bring us that insight.


What do you mean “you people”?


Hate Crime, Terrorism, Sugar Rush… Is it really so important exactly what was going through this 'mucker’s head as he was killing these people? The authorities clearly want to establish that it’s the man’s political affiliations that matter, not the fact that he was able to obtain an assault rifle and sneak it into a club.

Wasn’t this kind of weapon supposed to be banned?

Oh, wait, of course! This is Florida, and it’s a presidential campaign season, and we mustn’t give the votors any inkling that gun control is on the radar, lest the get twitchy and rally around the other guy.

America, I love you to pieces, but you’ve got some serious problems with your social priorities!


This is what I was thinking when ‘trror attack’ was cited. It isn’t IS/Dashole actions. It’s ‘Our boy trump is going to get in the whitehouse, we will have a majority in congress. LET’S BRING BACK THE 50’s! LYNCHINGS FOR EVRYBODY! YOU! YOU DARKIE GET A LYNCHING! YOU! YOU PINK GET A LYNCHING! YOU! YOU FAGGOTS GET A LYNCHING! EVERYONE GETS LYNCHINGS BECAUSE RACISM IS OK AGAIN!’

Fucking disgusting…

This world is so cruel. My deepest condolences to all those effected.


Humans can be cruel but most of them are kind and help one another. It’s just that this everyday truth is taken for granted, which is why good news has much more trouble getting national headlines.


Continuing the discussion from Teen didn't want to wake up and go to school, shoots family:


If you value your sanity I implore you not to read the comments sections on any of the sites linked in the OP.


He didn’t just lean towards terrorism. By any reasonable definition he committed an act of terrorism. Domestic, anti-gay terrorism is still terrorism.


“Look for the helpers.”


I think my sanity has already gone.

Any chance that 2017 will be a better year than this one?



This guy’s tweets are worth reading. Reporting comments from the guy’s family.


I guess that every population has its percentage of arseholes; as America has a larger population, it will have a larger pool of arseholes, and they have access to firearms.

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Including “the kinds of firearms which make it easy to kill a couple dozen people in one go.” (Sorry, gun enthusiasts. The nitpicking about “it was a semi-automatic assault-style weapon, not an assault weapon” doesn’t really interest me.)


I agree; it can be both. Lone Islamic fundamentalists, who have been inspired by ISIL, have been targeting LGBTQ in Bangladesh over the last several months.


What/Who to blame in a shooting guide.


  1. Terrorists
  2. Terrorist leanings
  3. Mental illness
  4. Lack of gun safety education
  5. ignore until news cycle turns over


  1. Guns and their availability
  • There is no 2. A shooting always involves a gun.