Police arrest man with guns who threatened to harm L.A. pride

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Okay America quit making me embarrassed to be citizen. Enough already.


Big weekend for assholes, really big.


Goatse big, you might even say.


Thank goodness we finally have a mugshot to help shape the narrative…

Yes, I know how to spell “mentally.” I don’t have time to make EVERY posted image myself.


i dunno, dude is wearing a fez


Apparently the press, especially Fox, are doing a pretty good job of ignoring the whole “gay” bit of Florida’s “gay nightclub massacre,” so I imagine Republicans won’t even acknowledge this event, much less make the connection to what happened in Florida as being two examples of the same exact thing. (edit: or not, as it now seems) their own complicity with violent anti-gay rhetoric, e.g. the various Republican candidates who pal around with, and attend events hosted by, Kevin “death penalty for gays” Swanson. Now we’ve got Dan Patrick claiming that it was a total coincidence that his tweet went out when it did, but the angry response to it just proves how much “hate” there is in this country, and that’s everything that’s wrong (and not, you know, mass murder), and only Muslims kill gays, not Christians (ignore all those hate crimes and Christian countries that criminalize and kill gays). Fuck these dudes.


If it’s a white guy wearing the fez it just means harmless cultural appropriation which may be associated with hilariously tiny cars.


Those are daemonic elder signs the shriners trace out on the roads with those cars.


I never imagined Elijah Wood was so full of rage


Okay, so it’s not just me who saw the physical similarity…


It’s his obsession with the wrong people inserting their body parts into the ring of power that drives him now…


Do not let the terrorists win. They feed on your fear.


You really should update this. He is apparently a whackjob, and has broken a bunch of firearm laws, but he did not actually threaten the parade. He was going to go to the parade. He is troubled, and likely dangerous, but he is also bisexual with a male partner.

And the tannerite/pipebomb thing is a bit of a stretch. It is the sort of exaggeration that they use when they get a single use rocket launcher tube at a gun buyback, and then claim to have taken a WMD off the streets.


It’ll be curious to see how this is spun vs. the slaughter at the gay bar.

On the one hand, we have a man who wanted to kill gay people and failed and was white and (presumably) is motivated by Jesus and madness.

On the other hand, we have a man who wanted to kill gay people and was brown and (presumably) is motivated by Allah and madness.

Are both terrorism? Or is one terrorism and the other not? And if the latter, what’s the difference?


I was going to say that he never made any threats and his whole thing was basically being targeted by people who wanted to make a “terrorism” arrest. This is literally arresting someone for a crime you think they MAY commit.

There is actually no evidence that this person was more than a very harmless whackjob who happened to have the right things in his car for an arrest the local cops can call “terrorism”.

Now he’ll be in prison where he’ll end up recruited by white supremacists to do what he spent time for doing anyway even if he didn’t ever do anything in the first place.

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Yes, because people regularly drive around with a fully loaded arsenal because reasons, right? If it had been a single gun, in a holster, I might buy that argument.


Look, this isn’t up for question. This was a queer man who was targeted for being gay and the Indiana Police Dept who arrested him are now walking back any statements about him wanting to harm people.

I’m sorry, but you are very wrong. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-gay-pride-la-weapons-20160612-snap-story.html


Then maybe you don’t know what his intentions are either?

The article said he was look for a friend, so maybe it was personal, not political?