Guns at this summer's Republican Convention

20,000 people want guns allowed at the RNC. That ought to be interesting.


Half of me is like “why?”, and the worse half of me is like “let them. It’s a problem that solves itself.”


No the worse half says don’t let the cameras move away when the ‘fun’ starts.
I am going to hell for that aren’t I?


If you do, you’ll be in good company.


Maybe we’ll get to test the “good guy with a gun” hypothesis.



I don’t think you get it. The petition was on Its purpose is to make Republicans look foolish by forcing them to stand behind their words - or not.

What will it be, Governor Kasich? Load up the hall with guns and see how many accidents there are? See how many hot heads get hotter in the summertime? Or make the case for gun control by refusing?


Apparently NPR are already giving their reporters combat survival training to prepare for Trump rallies. Maybe the RNC press corps this year should invest in some bulletproof shielding?


Is that a joke? Where did you see that?!

RNC Reporter: “Oh, the lack of basic humanity!”


5000 police. More riot gear. Miles of steel fences.

You know… Democracy in action.



Oh my god I am horrible, immoral, awful, repulsive, despicable human being. I signed it. Four times :fearful:. Once for each of the three BoingBoing VPNs I have purchased, and a final one with tor.


How would this go down?

The convention itself is in Cleveland, at the Q center. Its going to be nice out, in all likelyhood.

5000 cops. Riot gear. Moving 2500 delegates plus all the other folks in and out of the convention center in an orderly fashion. 50,000,000 million of Federal money to prepare. Its an invite only event at a private venue.

Some number of #blacklivesmatter activists plan to be there. And have well thought out protests… one would hope. I don’t know about other leftists.

And some number of angry white people plan to be there. And I assume they all will be thinking everyone else there has the same ideas they do… the KKK guys, the Trump Vulgarians, the revolutionaries, and the paranoid conspiracy theorists. Some have guns. All will be ‘making sure’ the RNC doesn’t steal their nomination.

The activists can’t get inside. No armed Trump delegates are going to be going in…

This all happens in the streets. Of Cleveland.



The petition now has 42,000 people who signed it.


Interesting idea, but I don’t think they’re that clever, organized, or capable of plotting at that level. And a gun battle on the streets of Cleveland doesn’t benefit anyone.

It’s academic anyway; all the leading candidates have Secret Squirrel protection now and the SS isn’t going to let anybody with a gun anywhere near any of the candidates.

I work off an alternative hypothesis.

Trump’s the most recent and successful attempt by the ‘patriot movement’ people to gain a national stage for their crazy.

I think he made an observation about the possibility of riots. Cruz said there might be riots too. As did a few other important Republicans.

His support comes from a coalition of extreme right groups, as well as the rest of the electorate.

Most Trump supporters arent rabid psychos with guns. Many are however How many rabid psychos are required to make sure problems for the rest of us?

3 to 5% is what the rabid psychos say they need for a violent overthrow of the Federal government and to restore the Constitution as Jesus intended it to be. Or something.

The presidency is a popularity contest Trump cannot pass up. His campaign manager is the former Tea Party recruiter. They met about 5 years ago.

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Yeah, just came to post this:


Turns out the secret service takes their jobs seriously even if the candidates aren’t taking the campaign seriously.


Still giving them silly names though:

Sanders - INTREPID
Trump - MOGUL

I can’t seem to find what Cruz and Kasich are being called.