'Classic intimidation'—Black Lives Matter activists say FBI showed up at homes to ask RNC protest plans


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If the GOP wants to avoid protesters, they’ll need to run their convention on a cruise ship somewhere (not actually practical - largest ship out there is about 6500 passengers, convention is triple that.)


I’m sure it’ll be handled in the usual fashion of this era; Cordons and police everywhere, and a “Free Speech Zone” far from the participants and media. Where the hoi polloi can congregate and hold up signs for no one, chant whatever they want, until that one rock gets thrown…


…by an undercover cop.


Is that the SS Golgafrincham?


So, it seems the First Amendment has been left out of the copy of the constitution that the FBI uses. Some dogs just can’t learn new tricks. Remember Conintelpro?

1950’s: the FBI leadership is worried that black activist leaders are going to stage an insurrection.

2010’s: the FBI leadership is afraid that black activists are going to stage an insurrection.

Up next: news will leak that the FBI is planting moles in Black Lives Matter.


That happened about five minutes after the coining of the hashtag, I’d expect.


This should come as no surprise. The agents have been hearing for years on Fox that BLM is all about rioting and looting and Kill Whitey.

EDIT: Oh great.

Cleveland has banned a wide array of items inside a broad zone in downtown Cleveland around the convention site, including water guns, toy guns, knives, aerosol cans, rope, tennis balls and others. But because of Ohio’s open carry laws, protesters who legally own a firearm will be allowed to carry it near the convention center.


So toy guns will be banned but real guns will be allowed.

(To be fair, the city would presumably ban real guns as well if it could.)


Supertanker. Then let slip to the various terror groups that America’s leaders are on it. The ship is attacked, sinks, issue solved, GOP can rebuild as an actual political party rather than a flaming tire dump.


Is it wrong to hope that a meteor hits Cleveland this weekend? Just one part of it? Please?


Vote Giant Meteor 2016!


In this case, Giant Meteor can just send one of its smaller friends - a tactical meteor.


It can send … a delegate.


It’s the Republican dream.


I’d be more suspicious and surprised if the FBI & company hadn’t shown up. At least they’re staying consistent with what we expect out of them…of course, god only knows what else they’re up to but…


To rephrase another meme I have seen:

“If the government wants you to stay home from a protest, you need to go to that protest.”


What is democracy anyway?

I’m expecting more violence from Trump supporters inside the convention than from protestors outside, but that’s apparently an acceptable form of free speech.


I’d really love a recording or even a transcript of one of these encounters. And I hope the targets of the visits didn’t say a word.

ETA: One might imagine it was like this:

Well done, mostly, until the end when she just can’t help editorializing. End the encounter as soon as possible.


The FBI has all but completely assured that the fine folks of Cleveland will show up en masse to protest their TEAGOP tormentors. Job well done FBI!