Trump "hopes it doesn't involve violence" if Republicans deny him their nomination


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“Gosh, I sure hope the Reichstag doesn’t burn!”


“It sure would be a shame if someone followed Reince Priebus back to his home at 157 Lakewood Drive in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington DC and broke his legs. Or threatened the safety of his family, for that matter. Terrible to think about. Horrific, even.”


I could certainly envision a “night of the long knives” scenario.


Nice convention you got there…


…wouldn’t want anything to happen to it, now wouldja?



I thought insinuations were supposed to be subtle.


If it does, Joe the Plumber had better watch out.


I still see these as observations. Not threats. I mean… A leader leads. He’s not reading the situation and disavowing violence. He’s simply stating the possibility is there.

It’s a big possibility. He’s the candidate of choice for domestic terrorists.

They make regular threats.


relishing the coming hypocrisy when they don’t allow guns in the convention hall.


Put thug trump in jail.


“Who will rid me of this troublesome priest? I hope it doesn’t involve violence. I hope it doesn’t. I’m not suggesting that. I hope it doesn’t involve violence, and I don’t think it will. But I will say this, he’s a rigged priest, he’s a crooked priest. He’s 100 percent corrupt.”


Trump is way too larger-than-life to do “sub-” anything. He does “SUPER.”

Subliminal racist messaging has been replaced with SUPERliminal racist messaging.

Subterfuge has been replaced with SUPERterfuge.

Substance has been replaced with SUPERstance.


How does one pronounce “superterfuge”?


Just like “centrifuge” but with a swing to the right.


You have to pronounce the first part in all caps. That’s how people know you mean it bigly.


It’s the sort of experiment one would tend to prefer not actually be run in the wild; but I have to admit to being morbidly curious as to how that would play out. The DNC and RNC are typically policed to hell and back, even when there is no terribly obvious source of expected trouble; so anyone looking to start something would be knee deep in riot cop unless they were atypically well prepared or a nontrival percentage of the riot cops were so sympathetic to the cause of the rioters that they would make some excuse to do as little as they could possibly get away with.

Is this just Trump being Trump, for effect? Were it to happen would we just see some whatever-the-right-wing-equivalent-of-a-black-bloc is doing some theatrical smash 'n run stuff while carefully avoiding contact with the bulk of the police because they know that they’d lose in short order? Enough displeased Trumpites among the rank and file that they’d cheerfully do absolutely as little as they could get away with just for the lulz of watching the SuperPAC set wet their tuxes as authentic constituents can be heard battering on the barricades?

The main variable seems like it would be how enthusiastic team security is about doing their job. Plenty of essentially-100%-certain-to-involve-violence events (like WTO meetings) are stage managed without major incident(with such incidents as do occur mostly relatively low grade vandalism or police brutality); but those are also occasions where the ideological overlap between the protesters and the cops is…limited. That might not be the case in this scenario.


How bad of a sore loser do you have to be to start whining about the rules before you’ve even lost? BTW, it’s pronounced “superterfuuuuuge” (rhymes with “yuuuuuge”).


Today’s vocabulary word is “Apophasis”.