Trump: 'I think you'd have riots' and 'bad things' if I'm not GOP nominee


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Just a shockingly few short steps away from beating up or otherwise intimidating opponents - away from his own rallies, always at arm’s length, always deniable (with a nudge and a wink).

Holy crap you guys are close to the edge of darkness.


“speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things”

holy face palm


Yup =(


Right, people might riot because in such a scenario as outlined the will of the populace would have been usurped. Are they not supposed to be upset in such a circumstance? But this is a hypothetical, whereas the left ACTUALLY riots just because he shows up to their town, and they do so after being directly organized by actual action groups. Big difference.


Trump on November 9, 2016: I don’t care if Hillary/Bernie won the election, there will be riots and bad things if you don’t award the election to me anyway.



the old “i’m not suggesting people go out and DO it, i’m just saying WHAT IF they did?” defense.


Trump is just Jesse Ventura, but without the muscles or the intellect.


I’m honestly curious: how will the Republican establishment react to this? My inclination is that they dislike direct physical threats even less than they like the possibility of alienating Trump voters. But I could be wrong.

(I’m interested in informed/thoughtful discussion, BTW, not “obviously they’d do whatever is most STUPIDEVIL because they’re all so STUPIDEVIL”)


So… he’s threatening us now, if he doesn’t get what he wants?


Is it wrong of me to expect some Reichstag Fire type thing?


Now here’s what needs to happen. His supporters need to stand up and say, unequivocally, “No we wouldn’t riot.” He is speaking for his own support base, saying that they would have no respect for the process or the will of the majority, that they would turn to violence if not pandered to, and they need to let the rest of us know that he’s wrong.


C’mon, he knows words – some of the best words…


I expect if Trump is elected President that the Reptilian aliens will have a press conference to state “He is not one of us”




How far can he take that logic?

If he gets the nomination will it be "Hey, if I don’t win the election there will be riots and all sorts of stuff you won’t like, Okay? My people just really love this country, and they are prepared to prove it, by like. . . you know. . . " (lackadaisical hand gesture, winks, smiles.)


The shocking realization for me is that we’ve apparently always been there…


So Trump is saying his devotees will assist him in throwing an epic hissy-fit if the democratic process of making him the nominee doesn’t go his way?

This would be very pathetic if his followers didn’t already prove to be so itching to commit hate crimes, or at the very least (yet still reprehensible) condone such acts when there comrades lash out in this way.

So now it’s just very sad, and very alarming, this election cycle has devolved in this way.


I think the GOP are just going to let him have it. Kasich will need to win the majority of delegates in 8 states to even be eligible under their rules, which won’t happen. And helping Cruz win isn’t worth further damaging their party.

Note how the Kochs are saving their money for down ticket races.