Gustavo Arellano: Donkey Shows are a "wholesale gabacho invention that says more about how America projects its fevered perversions onto Mexicans and Mexico than anything about Mexicans themselves"

Originally published at: Gustavo Arellano: Donkey Shows are a "wholesale gabacho invention that says more about how America projects its fevered perversions onto Mexicans and Mexico than anything about Mexicans themselves" | Boing Boing


Man, this really is the year that challenges all my notions about cold tomato soup. First, Nancy Pelosi uses it as a secret police force to surveil Marjorie Taylor Greene, now I find out it’s been spreading degrading misogyny since 1975. You never can tell with soup.



Really, the biggest culprit in spreading the donkey show myth is Hollywood.


heh yeah. my ‘gabacho’ ignorance was clear. (and now i’ve learned something - thankee!)
(reference was supposed to be to fine @Faffenreffer whimsy above)

Gabacho (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡaˈβatʃo]; feminine, gabacha) is a word used in the Spanish language to describe foreigners of different origins in previous history. Its origin is in Peninsular Spain, as a derogatory synonym of “French”.


Of course, the early 2000s internet gave us Mr Hands (thanks a LOT, early 2000s internet :unamused:), who appeared to be a mid western white guy. Who’da thunk?


Around here, people believe that the Amish only have sex through a sheet so they don’t see anything. It seems lots of people insist on having really weird, racist or ethnocentric rumors about how others do sex.


Efffff, this reminds me of the recent spate of claims of litter-boxes in schools for cat-identifying students. You know, the thinly veiled slippery slope argument that if we allow students to identify as non-birth-gender or be called by their preferred pronouns*. A lie propagated to sow doubt about social change by creating fear of an extreme and unlikely outcome.

Same crap, different calendar. What gets me about it is its spread by teachers themselves. I can say this from personal experience. And this sounds like the same thing, except with xenophobia/xenophilia rather than transphobia.

I’ve exited my 20+year friend-group as the loudest members started going full anti-trans thinking its funny. When called out on it i was removed from all contact to over half the group in a scorched earth kinda way. It was the litter-box thing that broke the camel’s back. It’s kinda funny when challenged, there’s always some excuse why the administration won’t admit it’s there, why it’s not there now, why there is no (credible) news story about it, no pictures, and no one willing to go on record about it. Its funny how its often at another school, or they were “told” it was coming.
What isn’t funny is how people will throw away so much to maintain the fiction that they are the last sane person in the world against the an imagined Lubrul Cataclysm! (see what I did there?)

* ever get in trouble for not calling a teacher Mister, Missus or Miss? Just saying.

Sorry for the rant, this cat-crap keeps coming up, my new neighbour started spouting it the other week. Sigh.


I’d heard the same about orthodox Jewish people, though since there aren’t an awful lot of those in Appalachian PA I think the Amish take the brunt of the stereotypes around here. I wonder if there are other stories that overlap in similar ways?


I’m sure you can find other versions of the same myth about any religious fundamentalist sect that’s perceived as valuing modesty or being sex-negative.


Good god. I’d never heard of these “donkey shows” before this, but people really thought that was a real thing? It’s amazing how much motivated reasoning humans are capable of. Ugh.


I’m so sorry it came to this, but honestly, I’ve lost a lot of friends over the last few years for similar reasons. Good riddance, I say, except it’s also kind of sad to lose friends because they refuse to learn and grow. Here’s to finding better friends, friend!


Not only do they think it’s real, they INSIST that they have witnessed it themselves, ‘that one time in college when I went to Tijuana’. Like, no, dude, THAT DID NOT HAPPEN! I feel like people must forget their real lives and somehow replace their memories with shitty Hollywood movies.


I think people just want to believe scandalous shocking stuff, even in cases where there’s no racist element. See: just about every urban myth that falls apart under the scrutiny of history, logic, feasibility and science.


That’s called getting piss drunk

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Sailor knowledge sea story time: This shipmate of mine was telling me a story about another shipmate of his. They were back from going ashore in Greece, and his friend tells him about a prostitute he had just visited. So the friend asks the gal if it’s true about Greeks and anal sex. She then retorts, “What’s wrong with you Americans?! All you think about is f*cking in the @ss!”

I grew up in Southern California and was a teenager in the 1970s. I remember being told of the “donkey shows” by other teenaged boys. I don’t think any of us really believed it but there was some wishful thinking by horny teenagers.


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