Minister frightened of doll


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“The enemy” means satan. Unequivocally. That’s one of his titles.


Cover to cover, the Bible really has little to say about sex at all. There are rules and regulations, good and bad examples. But it talks about money a lot more - like ten times as many verses.

I notice those people who are most eager to see the Lord destroy perverts almost never have anything to say on the important topic of greed.


Too little, too late. The butch homoeroticism of G.I. Joe already had its devastating effect and we are living in the aftermath.


Sounds like Rev. Ogden could use a buddy.



At least the G.I. Joe action figures encouraged good American values like deadly violence.


In his defense, Rev. Ogden has never recovered from his confusion after he removed the trousers of his Ken doll.


Well I still have a scar from when the Silver Knight got caught in GI Joe’s flamethrower (OK it was some stolen matches, but… )and was reduced to a puddle of plastic in the creek. That bastage had it coming boy howdy! His revenge left me with a bitchin scar and a lotta splainin to do to my Mom.

I think GI Joe’s latent homoeroticism was pretty well understood in my era. Now there are 47 genders on Facebook or something. Kids. These Days. Etc.

i always thought GI Joe was pissed off because COBRA or Hitler or somebody stole his junk.


Well, maybe if they market the doll wearing cut-off jeans and (ahem) a “wife beater” shirt the reverend would be OK with it.


And the belief that blue lasers are american, and red lasers are…not?

WTF were cobras, anyways? Armenian? Texan?



The doll is in your house and in your room and in your bed

The doll is in your eyes and in your arms and in your head and you are crazy


When I was a kid my Dad wouldn’t let me have a Easy Bake Oven because it could make me gay.
So I got GI Joes. I’m now married to a former Marine.

Edit: this is a true statement. I SAW the dang easy bake oven in the place where Christmas gifts are hidden and he made Mom take it back. And Yes married to a Marine. (You don’t say ex-marine).


Yes. He was confused: He had been so certain before that the doll would not match him anatomically.


He’s just promoting good information security practices.


Boys / Girls…

Listen up ! !

NO sleepovers either… They’ll done beeza makes youz a gay !



Ah, fragile masculinity…

It’s like a poorly tempered iron sword–all blunt and threatening and dangerous and good only for threatening others with, but ultimately weak and likely to snap under any strain.


What a pathetic twit.


Religious patriarchs be crazy, part 234,459,112.