Minister frightened of doll


Hey, Wanna come back to my tent and check out my kung fu grip?


For the record: you married a male Marine, yes?


In my experience, certain sects of Baptists are the nuttiest of the bunch.

Boys have been playing with dolls since forever. Mine were Teddy Bears and Star Wars figures, but they were mostly male dolls. And I turned out f- - oh , wait… oh…


Pity it isn’t a readily recyclable; fairly easily separated(thanks, ferromagnetism!) commodity that can be used to produce a wide variety of high quality metallurgical products with appropriate reprocessing.

As it is, it’s one of those negative value waste products. Too dangerous for uncontrolled disposal; and not economical to reprocess into anything useful(at least not when laboring under the various job-killing regulatory hurdles that hold back the promising field of using assholes as a plentiful and renewable feedstock for fertilizer, biofuel, and other value added products).


And I came out.


Which explains:

He thinks that literally.


Don’t forget the sequel.


The Rev is absolutely right. This is just another ploy to get people’s hard-earned dollars. Those American Girl dolls are so expensive. And don’t get me started on how much money you can pay at the American Girl store to get your doll’s hair styled or to have ice cream with your doll. The Our Generation dolls at Target are quite nice and much more reasonably priced.

Hmmm, that’s not what he’s got against American Girl? Oh, I see. Yeah, I’m totally with him. I mean, I grew up in a “Bible Church”, aka Baptist with the serial numbers filed off, played with boys’ toys and I turned out very manly. So manly that it’s taken till my 30’s to admit to myself that I’m transgender. So, you know, that worked well.


Yup. going on 30 years now.


Is “Semper Fine” part of the lingo for people who are into Marines yet?


British. All the best bad guys are British.

Skynet is British too.


Dolls actually exist, so it’s a step up from the other things he’s afraid of.


They should classify the fear of invisible sky wizards as a phobia of it’s own.


I already do. I operate independent of the DSM.

I also believe it is possible to have a healthy psychosis leading to some form of benevolent spiritualism.

I don’t, I just have ants.


Blue Laser was at least American-ish.


We didn’t get to rule a quarter of the world by being nice!


You’re using modern English translations of ancient Biblical texts to explain the meanings of Satan’s names?


I don’t think he/she is. “The Enemy” and “the Adversary” (usually but not always capitalised) are pretty conventional epithets applied to Satan by anglophone Christians, particularly those of a more traditional bent.

It’s also a more or less literal translation of the Hebrew satan.


I hope this isn’t prying, but is your dad still alive?