Taco Bell clothing line inches us a step closer to Idiocracy


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Idiocracy is a bad, racist movie. Full Stop.


Taco Bell: Best diarrhetic on the market.


Taco Bell (and others), you were not supposed to use Idiocracy as inspiration. Stahp.


Clothing line or uniform dumping?


I wonder if they make rompers… for men?



Exactly. To the effect that it’s racist, it’s holding up a mirror to our society to show us all the things that should make us uncomfortable.


I watched it once and never had the desire to watch it again. The premise had potential but I feel the plot and script fell far short of what it could’ve been. I think people relish the premise more than the film itself.

I don’t have any reason to think Mike Judge is racist and can think of a few charitable ways to interpret the character of Comacho. It’s just that I worry his character inadvertently indulges racists’ fantasies (nightmares?) of minorities in high-level positions.



Exactly, too. It’s not the best movie ever. Far from it. But the premise is juicy.

Nobody’s going to talk about the obvious sexism in it? “Fun bags?” That, too, is satire. Everything about that movie was sticking our own society back in our faces.

Precisually. Exactamentally.


What if one were to wear it ironically? You know, as a statement on postmodern consumerism…



I like where your head is at, Fogbutt.


FOGBUTT? :grinning:


I’ve always felt Bojangles french fries did a number on me much harder than Taco Bell. I will say most of the things I order from Taco Bell are chicken based, not beef, so maybe that has something to do with it.


This might be it. When i went full on vegetarian i substituted the beef in their food with beans and they tasted better and i felt less lethargic afterward. I am currently back to eating meat but on the blue moon that i decide to get Taco Bell i still order without any meat.


A step closer? I’m pretty sure we hit full idiocracy exactly one year ago today.


It’s bad satire. And also wrong.


And, as we all know, something can’t be satirical and also contain racism. /s

Edited to add: I’m not saying that Idiocracy is or is not racist, just that the idea that humorous intent/social commentary can’t coexist with racism or sexism to be bad for our thought-patterns.


Go ‘way. Batin’.