Guy loses 45 pounds and plays prank on his family who doesn't recognize him

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I did the same thing. After recognising me, Mother said only that I was still a disappointment. ‘Sniff’ It was the nicest thing she ever said to me.


This Indonesian guy

I stopped right there.

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Let me fix that title for you. “Guy loses 45 pounds and plays prank on his family and mom TOTALLY recognized him”


It’s a miracle what English food will do for the appetite.


ETA: Oops. I misread your comment and posted a reply that didn’t make sense.

Why did that stop you? (It’s a very sweet video…)


Wait wait wait. He went to college and lost weight? That’s not how it works, without meth.


I thought the guy on the phone with the black shirt was the one who lost weight and I couldn’t understand why they were talking about him while sitting with him.

I guess because in the intro the guy who lost weight is shown in a black shirt.,

One odd detail is that when the dad arrives, he immediately snatches a piece of food from the sitting guy’s plate and eats it. I suppose that it’s just a standard communal meal kind of a thing in the Indonesian cultural context - but to me it would read like a pretty hostile gesture.

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Yeah, if my twin brother sat down at a restaurant table next to me, I probably wouldn’t ever notice him. My burrito is all I’m thinking about. It deletes my peripheral vision.

Feel free to play this “prank” on me every day. You’ll just sit there for 30 minutes watching me eat until I get back in my car and leave.


I like how Mom recognizes her son and needs to be talked out of it, but Dad doesn’t recognize his son and needs to be talked into it. Some evolutionary psychology going on there.


Yeah, in Asia, generally speaking (not as much in Japan), people aren’t nearly as clingy with their food as we are. You can tell by the non-reaction here that it’s expected.


I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship but you rarely disappoint me.


Dad sure didn’t waste any time getting to the appetizers. That’s how you get an extra 20 kg!


I think the two guys in the foreground aren’t strangers but the parents’ other two sons, “BRO 1” and “BRO 2.” Or so it seems to me. IANAI.


I got the impression the two younger guys in the foreground were in on it, and were gaslighting the mom for some sinister reason

I was the skinniest I’ve ever been at university. No meth, speed, coke or any other weight-reducing substances.

But I did spend an entire term living off leek and potato soup (approx. cost per portion: 10p) because I’d run out of money.


I was living on ramen and instant coffee.
Um, not together in the same bowl. Usually.
I used to keep a jar of peanut butter in my car, with a spoon on my dashboard. This was when I was working 3 jobs and taking 17 credit hours at uni, so I used to eat at the stoplights.

I hear you. Now I feel like I was livin’ large compared to your diet of potato leek soup.

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