Penn Jillette lost over 100 lbs and still eats whatever he wants

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Yeah, but that guy can make all sorts of stuff disappear.

not impressed


Penn Jillette lost over 100 lbs and still eats whatever he wants.

So he changed his eating habits.

Does anyone else notice the inconsistency between these statements?


Could you have picked two more unrelated topics?


Well, by “changed his eating habits”, I think you mean he ate nothing but raw and steamed potatoes for two weeks, and then went on a strict low-fat vegan diet while doing as little exercise as possible and taking lots of frigid showers to change his metabolism rate. The experimental diet worked for him but he warns others not to do it without doctor’s supervision.


He ate nothing but potatoes a month, then switched to corn and potatoes. That caused most of the weight loss. By now, he’s back to a normal diet, but doesn’t have the same enthusiasm for food as he used to.


[quote=“SenorSchaffer, post:2, topic:87002, full:true”]not impressed

But where’d all the fat go? Check your coat pocket.


You can eat whatever you want, and still lose weight!

Step 1: Make it so that “whatever you want” is healthy.
Step 2: Eat whatever you want!


TV;DW (too video, didn’t watch) the last line of the video is “… but what I want has changed profoundly”


I enjoyed the video as much as I loathed the headline.

Look, I think Jillette is a clever guy and like to see what he has to say - but that headline made me feel llike I was queuing up in a supermarket checkout asile and scanning tabloid covers. shudder Why you gotta do me like that BB?


I’d rather see what Teller has to say. :wink:


“I lost over 100 lbs and still eat whatever I want, which is sleight-of-hand because whatever I want has changed. Ta-dah!”


I haven’t been as extreme as him but I did cut out a lot of sugar and it amazing to me how sweet some fruits actually are. As much as Red Delicious apples are scorned I have come to like them a lot cause the others are way too sweet for me anymore.


Bad headline - good video. I used to fast every now and then, and found that after 5 to 7 days of not eating anything, all the processed foods seemed disgusting. I automatically ate a lot healthier. That is until I binged out on stuff I felt to be bad (force of habit more than anything) and the re-adjusted taste went away.


Penn Jillette lost over 100 lbs and still eats whatever he wants

What would make it even more impressive was if he could do it and refrain from talking about it.


Maybe he wants other people in his situation to benefit from seeing someone succeed at losing weight?


I’m missing a brother who took some, but not all of this advice.

My brother was hospitalized when his BP was dangerously over 200. His weight too was dangerously over 200lbs. He went on a vegan diet, lost 60 pounds, but didn’t stop drinking certain beverages. His son was just four when he died.

I totally related to Jillette’s weight gain from comfort eating in his deep mourning period. But the comfort eating is a misnomer: it doesn’t satisfy the hurting heart nor does it lead the body to the nutritional and metabolic state of satiety.

Resetting the taste buds is key.
Many people lose weight when they change their eating habits because the food they forego has low nutritional value. Curing oneself of cravings for sugar and salt as Jillette did is what turns the metabolism around. One doesn’t have to eat potatoes. From personal experience I echo that exercise doesn’t do that much for weight loss, and is unnecessary for losing weight.

Yesterday I saw a dataviz on what practices and foods are negatively and positively correlated with weight gain. Sleep is at both extremes. Lots of sleep: weight loss. Sleep deprivation: fat gain.

I’ll throw something out that sounds anathema but is backed by many doctors: nutrient-dense foods lead to satiety, the nutritional and metabolic state of feeling full. Satiety dwindles as nutrients diminish. When nutrients diminish, hunger returns. The microbiome does change. The dieter understands the food itself isn’t rewarding, it just tastes like it. Jillette’s personal experience is that animal protein didn’t appeal to him anymore. Others have eaten almost exclusively animal fats and protein and lost weight and lowered their blood pressure with the same success as Jillette did. The commonality: staying away from foods with low-nutritional value and density. Industrially processed foods, with hydrogenated fats, additives, preservatives and food color agents are of low nutritional value and micronutrient density.

I eat the opposite way my brother did, and continue to eat mostly animal protein and fats. I do not eat sugar, nor do I have grains nor starch very often. I don’t have dairy protein because it activates intestinal distress, bloat and gas pains. I’m lucky that when we eat out and the carbs show up on my plate there is a teen boy eager to help preserve my microbiome by acting as my auxiliary grain disposal unit. Jillette mentions having a 15-year-old son, and I suspect the son helps him out when they eat outside the house. My doctor is happy. I am at low risk for cardiovascular disease, and my blood pressure and blood glucose numbers are normal. And I look great.


I’ve had success with Mark Bittman’s VB6: Vegan before 6. Mark is a food reviewer and cookbook author, so he has to be able to eat anything but his doctor was adamant it wasn’t going to go well for him if he didn’t have some restrictions. So, before 6 PM he eats like a vegan, no sugar, no wheat, no meats, no dairy, as strict as you can get.

Boy, I have to say, after 6 PM you notice that bread is, like, the best thing ever. And when you stay off it for a week? Hot damn.


While on the subject of weight loss, I was up to ~340 pounds myself, and I too have lost over 100 pounds and kept it off. The diet that worked for me is John Walker’s free Hacker’s Diet ( which also allows you to eat almost anything you want, though in moderation. Those who find paleo diets unsuitable may wish to consider this one.


Needs more meta-Bullshit.