Guy makes great song from a Facebook conversation about a hedgehog image


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Someone should call the resident hedgehog expert … nime-something


Whoops. Nope, not me. I think you’re referring to the other guy. @palindrome.

No, that’s not it.


Nope. Oh well. I’m sure he’ll find his way in here eventually.


That was so magical and wholesome it almost made me happy.


Quick, light the Hedgie-signal!




Faith in humanity restored! (For a few brief moments)


I guess the picture is OK. I would rate it mildly amusing. As they say, beauty in the eye of the beholder. Thomas sure likes that picture though. Randolph never answers the question about where he got the picture. I hate it when people ignore basic questions like that in forum and e-mail threads. Is he just not reading all the words Thomas is writing? Very frustrating.

Why did Thomas thank Lori? It’s not his picture.

It’s going to be hard to explain this video to the aliens.


When the aliens have questions about 2017, this video is going to be the easiest thing to explain.

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