Guy wears GoPro to office desk job one day, edits it into Exciting GoPro Fake Commercial



Now I can’t decide whether I want a GoPro or that job.


The biggest bad-ass since Herbert Kornfeld of Accounts Receivable.


The most amazing part is where he faxes a document. WHO DOES THAT?


I does… Once or twice a year (to a particular govt agency)

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Is this some kind of time machine GoPro that takes you back to 1997? What office job today involves that amount of paper?

At least it wasn’t a Google Glass… then I’d need to put on my foil hat and call The Church Police.

I fax stuff to my CPA fairly often. He wants a figure or a number from a document such as a letter and needs a hard copy but neither of us need an electronic copy.

Looks like he’s in real estate. I remember trying to sell my house myself and finding that one of the biggest stumbling blocks was getting the MLS/agency cartel to give me the paper forms that everyone’s used to using. This is why there’s so much paper in that industry, so it looks like you’re getting something for the ludicrous 6% commissions.

This is such an obvious fake. Everyone who has ever worked in an office should lose their suspension of disbelief when he puts his cup in the dishwasher. THAT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN IRL.


SHOCKED I AM SHOCKED that somebody would be surfing the web whilst at work I mean who does that sort of thing


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