Guy who bought 'Goonies' house in Oregon now says he wants to open it to fans, not live in it

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Of course, because I’m sure the believes he can make a bunch of out money by doing so…


Well, the prohibition on any commercial use really puts a spanner in the works of anything that involves revenue. So unless he’s a philanthropist prepared to allow free tours and pay for all the upkeep and security himself, he’s got a problem.

I wonder if he bothered to check that out before he bought the house, or thought he could successfully apply to get it rescinded.


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We’ve driven around Astoria and the roads beyond the business district are not really compatible with heavy traffic. I would be very surprised if neighbors gave in to some sort of commercial use by the new owner.

I bet he sells it within 18 months.


He could try the old registering it as a charity bit and only having a donations box at the exit routine or the old it’s an educational institution bit.

Worked for the former President.

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Which is why he initially claimed he was going to live in it. Now that the deal is done, he’ll start trying to quietly violate local home-based business laws and regulations around spaces open to the public.

The Catch-22 he created for himself is that it’s hard to do those things while also trying to make the national headlines required for such a niche business to succeed. Good luck with all that, bud.


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