Goonies House, Dead Fish, and Yachting Accidents

Here’s a very strange follow-on to the story of the Goonies house, the purchase of which was covered here:

It seems that someone left a dead fish on the porch, danced around for a while on a security camera, and then vanished. But wait, it gets weirder.

That guy, whom police were searching for, is Canadian and was just rescued by the US coast guard in a yachting accident in the Columbia River.

This is one of those headlines that I’ve read ten times and still struggle to process. My sympathies to the person who had to write it.

Victoria man rescued by U.S. Coast Guard wanted in ‘Goonies’ house fish incident, U.S. police


So many details that won’t fit on just one headline. Each editor has to choose what to leave in and out. I really don’t envy them on this one.

The CBC headline doesn’t mention the dance, or the fact that the yacht he was rescued from wasn’t his - he’d stolen it.

I left Canada over 25 years ago, and I still have the reflex that when someone mentions a Canadian cultural figure, I interrupt with “Oh, they’re Canadian!” I find it delightful that the CBC felt the same way: “Victoria man rescued by U.S. Coast Guard wanted in ‘Goonies’ house fish incident, U.S. police say”. [my emphasis] [eta: yes, I know, local relevance in the news. But I felt that part of the headline].

Meanwhile, at the ABC:


Oh wow, I read the story and somehow missed that the yacht was stolen. Such a weird story.

Haha yes, they still do that. Even for stories about crimes in the US, if he’s Canadian, they always mention it and always in the headline. :smile: There’s something deeply cultural there that we all get a little thrill from seeing our own out in the wild.


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