Man dramatically rescued from a stolen boat after gifting a fish to the “Goonies” house

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i don’t even know where to begin with this one. not a single thing about it makes a lick of sense.


Do not mess with the Columbia Bar. You can go from water as smooth as glass to shipbreakkng waves in moments.

Deadliest Catch Wave GIF by Discovery


my thought, exactly! Astoria, Oregon at the mouth of the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. I’ve been over that bar and it is always hairy!
now, if this - ahem - gentleman seized a sailing vessel with little sailing experience and attempted that waterway?! hoo-boy! look out! that shit is for experienced captains only!

i’m too old for that shit now. i won’t even enter the Intracoastal at Haulover Inlet anymore.


Haulover seems to mostly be dangerous because of the other “captains” more so than treacherous conditions. I mean, there’s some tricky swell, but it just seems tame compared to some of our west coast bar crossings. Just a hundred or so miles south of the Columbia is the Nehalem Bar, and the mouth of Tillamook Bay, a.k.a. Jaws:



Does this count as a reboing? :grimacing:

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I was just thinking that there are a few BB contributors who have yet to post something about the Goonies House. :thinking:


there are yet more questions to be answered:

  1. what was the dead fish? (trout? steelhead? salmon?) how dead?
  2. was this somehow connected to it being teh “gOoNiE HoUse”? i dunno, never having seen the source material.
  3. was this the dance of this weirdly awesome, would-be pirate?
  1. umm… dude, you ever pilot a sailing vessel?
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