Guy who shopped heaphones onto buddha gets two years in jail, amnesty international rightfully tell Myanmar they're idiots

In relation to this BBS post Do not put headphones on the Buddha in Burma, unless you enjoy meditating in prison

NZ guy has been given 2 years in jail for the artistically challenged Photoshop. Amnesty international aren’t happy. How’s this for insulting buddha: if he wasn’t a non-existant fantasy of idiots, Buddha is a fat fuck who I’d personally smear with my own shit before setting him on fire.

All belief in gods is the territory of the intellectually deficient.


Belief in anything is the territory of the intellectually deficient.

Also, Buddha is not a god, it’s a title of a guy. Jive turkey.

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Also, when did we start calling Burma by the military Junta’s preferred nomenclature.


I believe it started when they freed Aung San Suu Kyi and started making motions towards personal freedom and democracy.


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