HacBook puts new Mac OS on old HP laptop


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Apple bringing the hammer down in 3… 2…



While I’m under the impression Apple doesn’t usually go after individuals making Hackintoshes I suspect this will be shut down pretty quickly.


Although actually, if this were on the up & up, for that price, that’d be a nice replacement for my netbook.


That’s $350 for a second hand laptop, that some business type has been using for three years.


Does it come with an Apple sticker?
No sticker, no deal!


Also no business or contact info, and domain is whois protected. Site’s been around since at least 2015 so I assume apple just hasn’t noticed it. It does have the air of a phishing scam.


up to 8gb ram.

Probably comes with 4GB. 2GB if they’re stingy.

Base Sandy Bridge i5.

Something that Apple used in 2011.


And? A poor student has an actual chance to be able to afford one of these, unlike the real Macbook. You can put more RAM into the thing for very little gelt, as well, if i comes with less than the maximum.

I see a lot of dismissal in the comments here, but this is NOT a bad thing. Furthermore, if it survives the — pretty much inevitable — legal challenges by Apple, it will be much-needed pressure on the price of Apple’s systems.


You’re paying for someone else to take care of the headaches of getting OSX to run on the thing, so you don’t have to sacrifice your time and your hair getting it to work. If I wanted a hackintosh (my hardware requirements are modest, so an old secondhand mac makes more sense for me), that would be worth at least a hundred dollars to me, maybe more. If they are actually offering this service on a quality business grade laptop, I might even be tempted.


I’d take the headache of running OSX on a new PC laptop over the headache of hardware failure any day.


They’d have me interested if they were doing this on the HP Spectre, that is one beautiful machine.

plus it is thinner and lighter then apples and has the retina resolution screen.


I’m Hackintosh’ing right now.


A used Macbook Air can be had for $350-400 and the hardware-OS integration is untouchable. It has to be—it’s one of the main reasons people buy Macs.


In the works, but looks like it isn’t 100% functional yet :cry:


And here I was, feeling all clever, getting Ubuntu with Gnome 3 to run flawlessly on my 2012 MacBook Retina 15.


I’m going on three years with my custom built mini cube pc running OSX. Works great and dual boots with windows.

Bit of an ironic twist is that OSX has been getting more and more locked down in recent years while windows 10 has been opening up so now you have native bash and a open source Unix core to run Ubuntu apps.

Now deciding between win 10 and the latest OSX is a possible shift from mac to MS. Oh sweet irony.


This is the only mac I’m interested in:


Although, if you have a spare doorstop, you could send it my way: