“Hacker X”—the American who built a pro-Trump fake news empire—unmasks himself

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That sounded OK to Willis, who describes himself as a social liberal and fiscal conservative—“very punk rock, borderline anarchist.”

There is so much wrong with that statement that I don’t even know where to start.


“Social Liberal fiscal conservative”

In other words: “I don’t know what ‘liberal’, ‘consevative’, or ‘fiscal’ means. I just vote how my parents do most of the time.”


Or anarchist, or punk rock. I think Robert Willis is still lying, even if it is only to himself.


I hope his bad karma really fucks him up, whenever it catches up to him.


the comments section at techdirt have fingered ‘Hacker X’ as having worked for Mike Adams’ “Natural News”, a far-right network of blogs and video postings. Despite claiming to have ceased his activity in 2017, ‘Hacker X’ / ‘Robert Willis’, remained active in the project, creating alts, clone sites, scripted social network account posters, and more for ‘Koala Media’ until September 2018.


NaturalNews.com [note 2] and its sister sites are run by Michael Allen “Mike” Adams , B.S.[3] (1969 or 1967–)[4] (self-labeled “The Health Ranger” ) which promotes alternative medicine and related conspiracy theories.[5] The site particularly specializes in vaccine denial and the alleged vaccines-autism link,[6] AIDS/HIV denialism,[7] quack cancer treatments,[8] and conspiracy theories about “Big Pharma”.[9] If there’s an alternative medicine or alternative medical treatment out there, you can guarantee that NaturalNews has one article singing its praises to the sky and one more bashing the stupid “skeptics”. A lot of the website’s growth is due to its exposure on Facebook, where it had over 3.5 million followers[note 3] until it was banned (not for any of its content, mind you, but because it was violating Facebook’s policy on spamming).[10]

In short, fuck this guy.

Imagine coming from Connecticut, looking at Bernie, and thinking “yes, Conneticut has declined and it’s all the fault of Democrats”

EDIT: confirmed


Like many other “right wing punks” he claimed he was “apolitical” while railing against the democrats or labour and supporting right wing causes like Rock against Communism… Of course NOW he’s fucking sorry, but he just needs to fuck right off.

I am so sick of this phrase.



Indeed. What an asshole.


Especially since almost no one who claims to hold these ideals seems interested in championing the policies such an ideology would imply, like raising taxes on the rich and making massive cuts to military spending in order to balance the budget.


February 16, 2018

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“Russia played such a minor role that they weren’t even a blip on the radar,” the hacker told me recently. “This was normal for politicians, though… if you say a lie enough times, everyone will believe it.”

I don’t think this grommet was in a position to know.


(Does the T-word really have to be so restricted that even having a link to an article that uses it send it to moderation?)


Methinks he is giving himself too much credit.

Personally, I like the word goblin as a substitute, but yeah, the link thing is a pain.

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Oh no, he’s a grommet. That’s a traditional term since at least 1973.

It’s adding a link to an article that uses the T-word, not using the OneBox, and still going to mod.


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