Hackers create a traffic nightmare by sending hundreds of Moscow taxi cabs to the same address

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This seems a little unfair, since we don’t really know what many of the Moscow common folks’ opinions are of the war. It’s too bad they couldn’t focus on logistics within Russia’s state departments.


Like angry red ants circling a sugar cube.


Ukraine is literally at war with Russia, and Russia invaded them unprovoked. Kyiv has been regularly hit by missile strikes so I doubt that many people in Ukraine would consider creating a temporary traffic inconvenience in the Russian capital as “unfair.”

I’m sure there were many residents of Berlin that didn’t have favorable opinions of what their government was doing in the 1930’s/1940’s too.


It has been very interesting to see the sharp increase in (reported) hacks against Russian targets since their ‘special military operation’ began.

Prior to that at least the reported hacks were almost entirely the other way; steady drumbeat of BECs out of West Africa; steady drumbeat of malware and intrusions of out Eastern Europe(with a heavy tilt toward Russia specifically).

Apparently their security is about as trash as everyone else’s; but the incentives used to be a lot weaker.

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But we have the technological capability to be more surgical in strikes these days, and it was the Russian State that invaded. In the beginning, there was a lot of dissent until they started locking people up for speaking out.

This feels like a protester gluing themselves to a painting, instead of a gas pump.

Have you seen the news about how the Russians are handling this war and treating Ukraine’s citizens?

Some taxi cab traffic mishap is a friendly reminder to the Russian people not to let their leaders do this.


What could possibly be a more “surgical” attack than a major street in the heart of the Russian capital, where many people that work for and enable the actions of the state commute?

Sounds like someone should target a Russian tech company that ensures that only pro-war information is available to the public, and that dissent is removed from view, right? Like Yandex, for example?


Yes, I get it.

Still, target military logistics within Russian borders. Target the petroleum industry that supports the war machine. Target Yandex servers, not taxi drivers trying to make a living.

I only say this because of the impression the Russian expats (both Muscovites) I helped at the Mexico border were giving is that folks who got out early were the lucky ones.


It just goes to show that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to routing traffic. It could easily happen here with Google Maps. So many times I’ve depended on it to figure out a general route since parts of the Twin Cities are kind of squirrely in their layout (especially around the St Louis Park Costco).

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Except that we have to wonder how many Moscow citizens inconvenienced by this will make the connection. But in general I’m all for more hackery-like t-rolling of Russian infrastructure and services to maximise inconvenience and generally increase levels of discontent in Russia.


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On unrelated news three Minis escaped a chase and they disappeared midway a motorway going north.


That’s pretty funny, especially since Moscow traffic is already a nightmare on a good day. Another little reminder to Russians that, contrary to state TV, things are not normal.


Reports of success along those lines may likely be suppressed. With (just one example) oil oligarchs now routinely falling to their deaths — accidently, of course — state officials may have a vested interest in keeping a lid on anything that indicates weaknesses, particularly when such weaknesses can only encourage enemies without and within.


I disagree. It’s bad for the morale of the people if stuff like this keeps happening.

I don’t care if they feel inconvenienced by a traffic jam.

The more stupid chaos in Moscow, the better.


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