Hacking Team leak: bogus copyright takedowns and mass DEA surveillance in Colombia

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Let me get this straight:

The Fbi paid $773,000 to a company that installs something called “childporn.avi” on people’s computers?


The code looks like a piece of Ruby source code that gathers the content of filesystem and the running processes. The hash[:something]||[“element1”,“element2”,“element3”].sample is apparently a variable with some demo content that gets substituted when there are no arguments. The content of the first or the second array is written to the “content” StringIO object, as an array. You can see the same .sample structures in that piece of code, with different contents.

Looks to me as a demo variable value instead of a proof of evidence planting. Would be also rather stupid to do so in a plaintext, interpreted language, when an ephemeral remotely injected RAM-only binary would do the same job with more deniability.

Let’s wait before crying wolf…

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I don’t know. Using passw0rd as your password everywhere is rather stupid. They did that too.


I’m just glad that America’s TLA gangs are committing all these crimes against freedom to secure our freedom

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The DMCA is an American statute, of course, and only applies to copyright infringement.

Well the TPP should take care of that little problem.

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