Haha! What the heck is this dog doing?


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it needs lots and lots of chin skritches.


you get an itch…its gotta get scratched.


The sinister theme music to ‘Jaws’ would have been an appropriate soundtrack to the action!


Really funny, its likely him trying to get them scratches in. It’s likely a fairly harmless thing but I would be a bit hesitant to let that behavior slide, if repeated it could lead to some obsessive behavior. Especially if the dog is doing it out of boredom and needs stimulation.


many if not most dogs have a whirl in their fur just below the neck and above the chest. Most of them love it when you scratch or rub that spot.


Unable to watch the video at the moment, but based on the still and the previous comments, my money is on allergies causing the itching.

My puppies have done a lot of weird things trying to scratch at their nose and throat due to allergies.


Idk, whenever I enjoy a video like this, invariably someone comes into the thread to inform me that the animal in question is suffering from some awful, incurable ailment that is causing the humorous behavior. So… lol?


What the heck is this dog doing?

Its best


The dog is scratching. Just be glad it is not the other end that itches.


My first thought was “needs his anal glands expressed and is confused about which end is which”…


Impersonating the Grinch. You know that scene where he slithers through the house - that creeped me out as a kid.



Yes BBS, this is a “complete” sentence.


Cocaine is a hell of a drug


Chin won’t scratch itself.


Assuming it a newish rug, maybe the dog is trying to mask himself with the odor of the rug


It’s also possible the owners have inardvertently trained it to do this. They laugh and tell the family to come watch the silly dog, and the dog takes the attention as encouragement.


clearly the dog is drawing circles on the rug.


Clearly it’s doing Yoga with an alternative on the Downward doggy pose.


Try anti-mite shampoo.