Hamdy Canes, ham-flavored candy canes for the holidays

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Are these naturally or artificially flavored?

If they are artificially flavored, I wonder if they are kosher and/or halal.



Very on trend for your current niche:

ETA: also, gross. I like beef jerky, but a few years ago I bought jerky-flavored soda and it was undrinkable. There’s something about the delivery system that needs to work, and licking a hard, smooth surface to extract the ham flavor just seems off-putting.


Out of all the weird flavors for candy or soda, I kind of think these might not be so bad. I mean, real glazed ham, or even candied salmon are pretty good.


The logical next step:


I love Archie McPhee - that’s where we get our rubber chickens from - and I always carry a small tin of their emergency underwear. But Hamdy Canes?


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Traif …

I asked for you:

"They are artificially flavored. They are not kosher or halal. I believe both of those certifications require an outside agency to confer them. "

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No thanks. Tried the Mac & Cheese ones last Christmas and they were terrible.

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Thanks for the side-by-side photo, for those of us who don’t know what actual ham looks like. NOW I GET IT

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Yuck. Just yuck. And hell no. And yuck.

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Any idea what the subliminal message expressed here may be?


…and after that, tripe flavoured gummy worms?

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If yer lucky!

I really want a package.
I want them to taste really salty and hammy, and am sure they won’t. But the gross-out factor for teens unaware of what kind of candy it is, and who still want it because it is candy… that could be delightful. For me. Not them.
But it’s not worth spending my entertainment budget on.

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