Hamtramck Disneyland is a must-see folk art environment in Michigan

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HAM-TRAM-ICK not Ham-tramk. Jeez.

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That’s how it’s pronounced, save for the wags who call it Ham Sammich. :smiley: The city’s name is spelled Hamtramck.


It’s spelled Hamtramck but pronounced with the I.

That’s from a guy (Polak) that grew up in Detroit and spent time in Hamtramck especially picking up Polish goodies for all the holidays.

Bonus points for proper pronunciation of Ypsilanti, Mackinac, and Sault Ste. Marie. And don’t get me started on Lahser.

I have not seen the display in years… Road Trip. I’m about 45 minutes away now.


Extra Bonus points: You can get Gratiot, Livernois and Cadieux correct!

Automatic game winner: you’ve had a prune paczki from New Palace.


This just aired the other day!


All of the above, me. I lived a few blocks E of Cadieux, and even had a classmate at the snooty private school whose last name was Cadieux.

Extra Special Bonus Prize Round:
Schoenherr !!!


Who hasn’t? But, I prefer the raspberry.

Before covid we would get in line around 4am on Paczki Day morning just for fun. Been on the news a couple times. We walked out of there one year with 10 dozen for friends and family. You can pre order but what’s the fun in that?

A lot of people we know are afraid of Hamtramck, they say, “you can get them at Kroger, why risk it?”

Um no, those are jelly donuts.

The Christmas cookies from New Palace are awesome.

Their competitor for 50 years, New Martha, closed for good this year.

It was like Lafayette vs. American Coney Island,everyone had a favorite.


I lived on the west side of the state, but worked for a company with a plant in Detroit on Lovett, basically at Michigan Avenue and Livernois. We had a number of Detroit transplants at the office, and when I’d visit the plant each month I’d have to bring back large quantities of White Castles and, before Lent, boxes of paczki for people. Personally, I never liked them, too sweet for my taste, but I could have made a fortune selling them.And coneys? Everybody knows it’s Lafayette. I once got lunch from there 5 days in a row. American Coney is good, but Lafayette is where it’s at.

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When we were kids in the 70s the nearest White Castle was near my grandma’s house on 35th Street in Detroit. When we would go over on the weekends to help with yard work or paint the garage she would treat us to a sack of burgers.

Don’t Google Lafayette right now, they’re currently shut down, it’s not pretty.

The other big rivals were on Michigan Avenue, George’s and Senate Coney Island.

We were team George’s, we would always pick up coneys after Saturday night Big Time Wrestling at Cobo and take them over to grandma’s around midnight.

Good times.


Wat? Does not compute.

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My hero was Bobo Brazil! And I’d forgotten about Senate - they were pretty good too. Don’t think I ever had a George’s.


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