Hand blown pink glass tentacle: massager and/or paperweight!

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I may be wrong, but that looks a bit like a sex toy!

nyuk nyuk nyuk!

‘Massager’ is (often) a euphemism for ‘sex toy’. This article may explain why.

The Amazon listing being in ‘Health & Personal Care › Sexual Wellness › Adult Toys & Games › Sex Toys › Dildos’ might be a clue as well.


It’s gorgeous. If I could get away with having a sex toy paperweight on my desktop I’d have that one.

(but frankly, the idea of actually using a glass sex toy gives me the heebies jeebies. Maybe it’s because I’ve had to have glass removed from my eye already, but the idea of having glass close to extremely sensitive body parts is profoundly unerotic.)

Glass is surprisingly robust, when in large bulk and properly annealed object.

You can tell my mind that, and I can believe it intellectually, but it won’t change the response from my, er, lower regions. From my viscera, yes, that’s a good word, viscera.

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Seems familiar. Oh, that’s right…


Mighty cool looking one though (now I know what everyone’s getting for Christmas!).

The only thing that can do such change is working with bigger glass objects on a more frequent basis. That way your subconsciousness gets in proper touch with the material properties and the unfounded worries wear off.
(This is actually dangerous in case of really hazardous things; the cautiousness that has its place also wears off.)

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