Hand-Crafted Poké Ball May Be Peak Pokémon, But Is Still Totally Awesome

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Does it have a USB port? What good is it without a USB port? If I catch a real Pokemon, how do I tell my phone?


Finally! a worthy receptacle from which I can consume my precious sugar-bombs.


I’ve often wondered what the inside of a poke-ball looked like! It’d be cool to see a monster’s eye view of the capture. Nothing like teaching kids how to cock fight!


Or that slavery is “a-okay!”


And vice-versa?

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The reason cock fighting is wrong, has nothing to do with slavery, imo. Humans do a lot of fucked up things to animals, but slavery is something we can really only do to other humans. (Yet of course there’s a slippery slope. We don’t need to “break” a cow the way we have to break a horse. Imagine if the pokemon game depicted that process!)

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You’re not the only one [Disclaimer: the following is some grade-A messed-up shit]…


Sorry, I just jumped in with my sarcasm unexplained, not realizing it might be confusing.

First, cock fighting, dog fighting etc are wrong because it’s fucking heinous to force any animal to fight to the death for mere entertainment.

In my book, that’s kind of a given.

I was alluding to this point;

By virtue of the Pokemon creatures being sentient, keeping them in containment until they are “needed” goes beyond the concept of inhumane forced competitive fighting, and straight into the territory of chattel slavery.


Hmm, pretty cool. Poke ball weed grinder is cooler:



Hand-Crafted Poké Ball May Be Peak Pokémon

Not even close. Peak Pokémon will be when we’ve genetically engineered the real things into existence and that David Attenborough-narrated video is no longer a joke.


I think the high-point of the fad has come and gone. Target has already painted over the pokeball design on their big concrete spheres out in front of their stores.

Huh, I’m coming in late to the whole pokemon craze, so I didn’t know they were supposed to be sentient in the stories.

The part of this that squicks me the most, really, is thinking of the children. They’ll hear about the evolution of a pocket monster long before the ever hear about Darwins’ version, or Lanarkismcough epigenetics. They’re more likely to encounter these cartoons long before they ever see a real wild animal in the actual wild. And the pokemodel of ‘training’ seems pretty weird to me as well. So here are a bunch of layers of corporate flavor text to unlearn before these kids get exposed to the actual in formation (if ever - I shudder to think what the Kansas schoolboard allows ro be taught about GoldsteincoughDarwin and his wacky notions.)

Keeping sentient beings in a small enclosed space to let them out only when it’s useful to do so? I figure that’s just training kids to grow up to work in a cube farm. It’s bad, I certainly agree with you. But it’s not the top of my list of bad things here.

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