Hand-lettered text messages


Ya gotta be careful. My mom got charged a bunch on her phone bill because her plan charged extra for picture texts… (I know her phone company is ripping her off. I’m trying to convince her to switch to a plan with unlimited data)

Works much better if you have legible, and preferably elegant handwriting. Some of us learned to type in part because our handwriting was illegible and it hasn’t gotten better.

Getting unlimited data just to support picture texts? Sounds more like a reason not to send pictures through the phone network. (Yeah, in this regard I’m a luddite. Telco is the most expensive way to send anything but voice, and there’s room for debate even there.)

That’s one way to keep your messages from being scanned.

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I really wanted to like this project, but when I saw it, it just looked like the same stupid text messages everyone else writes but in calligraphy. Guess it’s fun if you receive one? I preferred the dude who was twittering hand drawn responses to tweets. His stuff is very clever.

And unlimited data won’t even help, because MMS messages (text messages containing pictures) are separate from your data plan.

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