Hand stuck to freezing metal? Urinate on it


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Ooops! Now I have two body parts stuck…


Of course, if your tongue is stuck to the flagpole, you’ve got to get a friend to do it. Good luck with that.


You’re in luck!.


Parties MUST stay together with no eager, single man ahead

The man ahead must be married and/or dejected.


But what if they triple-dog dare you :question:


Damnit, you are five minutes more clever than I am.


Doesn’t work to well for tongues


Well - that works for slightly less than half of the population…


Donnald Trump is there to offer a helping… hand.


Indeed. Could be quite the salty pretzel!


If you’re male, you mean…


What about those of us who just like urinating on our hands? I mean, isn’t everyone else wondering why the hand was ■■■■■ before touching the metal?


Wouldn’t Donald be jealous of the metal?


Serious question:

What should I do if I have foot fungus, get stung by a jellyfish, and step on a metal sea urchin when it’s really cold out?


Serious answer:

Jump back in time and put on sturdy shoes.


Oh, hey, sorry, man! I thought your hand was frozen stuck. Or stung by a jellyfish. Or something.


I already know lady farts smell like baby powder, but am I also to believe you do not urinate?


Somehow describing a person’s hands as “■■■■■” is almost as off-putting as imagining them dripping with urine.


This could be interesting if you’re on a first date skiing or mountaineering.

A great way to break the ice.